2020: Time to move Forward!

Here we are again, at the end of the year, and decade for that matter, as 2019 is ending, and its time to move forward.

As some of my fellow Fisherynation readers know, I am motivated to try improving the U.S. fishing industry for our country’s working U.S. fishermen.

I have reached out to my Senators Markey, and Warren, and also to Congressman Moulton to help draft a US Fish Bill.

This is an opportunity for everyone in this ridiculously diverse industry from sea urchin, and scallop divers, to clam dredgers, and every faction of the industry, traditional, and exotic, to have personal input into a bill built for you, built by you, and built by your fellow industry members.

One item I would like to see in the U.S. Fish Bill would be assistances when the government reduces our catch of whatever species NOAA
claims is in danger and there be compensation for the value of the reduction, and as those species come back, there be less compensation.

If, and when a fishery, including the affected industry infrastructure needs a long term financial aid program for those fisherman and affected associated industries, this could be paid with duties on imported seafoods.

2020 is banging on our doors.

In the past year, I’ve reached my elected officials through this website to discuss my initiative, the U.S. Fish Bill, and although my Senators and Congressman think its a good idea none have come forward to help draft it. It is a very long way to go before it is written, if written!

The only way we are going to get what we all need is we unite, so I am asking fisherman, seafood dealers and seafood associations to send me an e-mail with your thoughts on the idea, and hopefully ideas of inclusion you’d to see in the bill.

Many of you are well versed in the legislative process, while others, not so much, but you certainly have the opportunity to be in it.

Some people may think they lack skills to do stuff like writing, but, there are people that will help their brothers and sisters, and reach out to their representatives, and they will do it honorably and gladly.

Its 2020!

We need to act now. Please contact me at any time, and please leave a comment here!

e-mail me! [email protected]

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Sam Parisi

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