October is National Seafood Month & Aragosta Mama wants to challenge you.

September 17, 2019

October is National Seafood Month & Aragosta Mama wants to challenge you.

Aragosta Mama is a lifestyle brand dedicated to commercial fishing community + culture and is hosting the Pesce Eater Challenge in October to heighten awareness about seafood & ocean health.

Harpswell, Maine— September 17, 2019 — October is National Seafood Month. The origin for the designation is unknown but nevertheless it should be celebrated and promoted, especially so here in Maine. Aragosta Mama was created by Monique Coombs (author) who wants more people to understand and love the community and culture that is inspired by the commercial fishing industry. Commercial fishing is important to coastal communities around the country and provides innumerable jobs and healthy seafood to feed a fast-growing population.

Pesce Eater Challenge
To celebrate National Seafood Month and bring more awareness to the importance of seafood and fishing, Aragosta Mama created the Pesce Eater Challenge that will begin October 1 and continue daily throughout the month.

The Challenge will work thusly: Participants who sign up at www.aragostamama.com will receive a short daily email that will ask them to create space in their day to think more deeply about their connection to seafood and the ocean. Participants can participate as much or as little as they choose and are not expected to become pescetarians for the duration of the challenge. The theme of each email will rotate and be one of four themes that the Aragosta Mama site focuses on, which are fishermen, family, flavor, and fashion. The emails will include things like recipes, tips for decreasing your carbon footprint, promo codes to seafood and eco-friendly businesses, articles from participating partners, and information and stories about fishermen and their businesses.

Partners include businesses Dock to Dish, Pescavore Seafood, Harbor Fish Market, and Seafood Nutrition Partnership. Partners are engaging by providing content for emails and/ or promotional codes for product.

Aragosta Mama was created to provide a new and authentic voice to the narrative surrounding fishing and fishermen. Seafood marketing is too often based on educating consumers about fish stocks, gear management, and health, and negates the very important role of the fishermen in the food system, which is incredibly dehumanizing. Aragosta Mama aims to fill this gap by offering a creative and authentic perspective from fishing communities in Maine specifically, and the coastal US generally. As mentioned above, the site focuses on four themes which are fishermen, family, flavor, and fashion. These four themes encompass the culture and community that surrounds fishermen and their families and communities, and reaches a broader audience by taking into account new perspectives, such as fashion and how fashion trends have been inspired by fishermen, and how what we choose to wear is just as important to the health of the ocean as what we choose to eat.


Monique Coombs lives on Orr’s Island and is married to a commercial fisherman. She has worked in the fishing industry for over a decade, currently for the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, and writes about the fishing industry on Aragosta Mama as well as for publications like National Fisherman and the Maine Lobstermen’s Association’s newsletter, The Landings.

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