Matthew Morgan: A Change, and my presentation to the Tasmanian Legislative Council Inquiry into the Tasmanian Salmon (Finfish) industry



My name is Matthew Morgan, and I am  Skipper of a Commercial Southern Rock Lobster Boat, F/V Monica is 57 feet long X 20 feet Beam x8 feet Draught. Her and I are in the Top 10% of this Fishery in Tasmania

Originally my group on facebook was called Wild Fishers Against Salmon (Finfish) Farming.

We were asked to change that from Against, to FOR Sustainable by a former government advisor that the former name Wild Fishers Against, would make it unlikely we would gain our access to the Minister. We Complied.

My view is that they should be brought ashore or at the minimum have even at sea 100% Closed Loop Containment Systems (these have been trialed successfully overseas)

I don’t like how they operate and the damage they do to our marine environment endangering our juvenile Wild Fish Nursery Area’s and Wild Native Fish Habitat

Where they are already installed, I fight to make them environmentally sustainable with the long term view of getting them out of our Coastal Waters where they have Exploratory Permits

The Northwest Coast and King Island

I am 100% against their installation But by saying that ( it locks us out of dialogue with our Fisheries Minister, so instead we apply common sense conditions that we know they cannot comply to.

Those being that until all the precautionary science is done, ( and independently reviewed) that proves no harm can come to our juvenile Wild Fish Nursery Area’s,  and Our Wild Fish Habitat that no farther expansion of the Tasmanian Salmon Finfish Industry, until that Peer Reviewed Science and guarantee is provided

On the 24th I front the Tasmanian Legislative Council Inquiry into the Tasmanian Salmon ( Finfish ) industry.

I have been allocated 30 mins to a present my view to back up my written submission.

Matthew Morgan,