Fishermen fear Hudson Canyon sanctuary will mean more restrictions

The canyon is a prolific fishing ground that starts about 90 miles offshore from Manasquan Inlet and is in the crosshairs of a public debate over the sanctuary designation, which would give NOAA more leverage managing the resources of the largest submarine canyon off the Atlantic Coast. Commercial vessels fish for tunas, squid and lobster, while the state’s recreational fishing fleet of for-hire vessels continually run anglers out to the canyon to catch fresh tuna and tilefish. “We’re probably the greatest and strictest fishery management country in the world. Why do we need this extra layer on top of everything we have now?” said Jason Bahr, a seafood wholesaler and vice president of Blue Water Fisherman’s Association, a trade group of commercial longline fishermen who fish for pelagic species such as tuna and swordfish in the Hudson Canyon. >click to read< 07:50

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  1. James catfish says:

    The hudson canyon was deemed a canyon of little concern by GARFO during deep sea coral negotiations.. That fact needs to be hammered home..I sat on that committee.It is not a spawning habit for any specific species and has been trawled for a century.The same species return year after year,and in fact, in greater abundance..
    There is no scientific reason for this designation..Its all political,not biological!!!

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