The Whale slaughter continues, but is this just the beginning? By Jim Lovgren

Another Humpback Whale washed ashore on a New Jersey beach on March 1st , the 12th known Whale to die since the start of December, along the New York, New Jersey shoreline, coincident with multiple research vessels using active Sonar, seismic Pingers, and Ultra High Resolution Seismic sparkers. As more research vessels ply our waters, more dead Whales wash up on the beach. This is just the start of the gigantic ecosystem changing industrialization of the US continental shelf from the Gulf of Maine to Florida. We now have 23 dead Whales on the east coast within a three month period, and despite what government officials claim, it is not a normal amount. >click to read< 07:55

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  1. muddog says:

    Democide=death by gov. Now, O’Biden will bring LOST Law of the Sea Treat (LOST) to the table. Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.

    • It almost seems as if the President is bound and determined to destroy today’s commercial fishing industry as well as its future.
      Remember when we thought that Jane Lubechenco (yea, I know. But it seems a bit more apropos) was bad.

  2. Jim –
    Excellent job! I don’t think you covered it all (I don’t think anyone has yet), but you covered a whole bunch of it, and you covered it well. One thing missing is the impact of President Biden’s wish list for wind power in our coastal and offshore waters. It’s critical to remember that prudent employees of NOAA/NMFS and BOEM have heard the subliminal message “don’t rain on my wind power parade” from the White House. Large (and the Federal Bureaucracy is among the largest) or small, that’s how bureaucracies work (or don’t work, depending on who pays you and/or provides you with perks). And please don’t forget the wind power gravy train. Either directly or indirectly, windustrialization bucks are almost surely are (or will be) making their way into not-for-profit or government agency budgets.
    Finally, I’ve gone into a little more detail on the impacts of electro magnetic fields (EMFs) on marine organisms. See my piece Wind Turbines and Offshore Energy ( or EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Effects and the Precautionary Principle right here on Fishery Nation ( And keep in mind that the reported impacts for the most part deal with the adult organisms. Little work has been done on EMF impacts on immature stages. That might be the real point “where the rubber meets the road.
    Finally, thanks Borehead for your ongoing coverage of what could be the disastrous windustrialization of our inshore and offshore waters on the East Coast.

  3. With all the attention that has been surrounding the deaths of all these whales it would seem to me that the government would be or should be as concerned with finding out the truth.

    So here’s a proposal. Get these fisheries observers off of the commercial fishing industries back and put them somewhere where they could actually do some good, on all these seismic research platforms. For the most part all they do is create hostility and distrust from the fishing industry.

    For that matter put several on each vessel in order to make sure that no one is accepting bribes to turn a blind eye to what may be happening and bond them! (Just in case) Large vessels have plenty of room to welcome them aboard. Hell, sign me up.

    I would guess there’s plenty of dark money going around to assure us of some more outcome based research results.

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