A seismic blasting whistleblower speaks

Hayley had been working on seismic blasting vessels for almost three years when she realised just how destructive the practice was. Her final assessment was simple: “I can’t believe that this is legal.” Hayley, who asked for her real name to not be used, was employed as a marine fauna observer. Her job was to look for marine mammals such as the southern right whale, which could be harmed by the blasts used to search the ocean floor for oil and gas. Blasting would be paused only when specific whales were sighted. The negative impacts of the blasting are hard to see because they happen below the surface. >click to read< 10:16

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  1. Brick Wenzel says:

    Thank God for people like Hayley who are blowing the whistle on the developers, politicians, media, and universities whom have turned their backs on the documented science for money. There must be Enforcement actions taken against these European companies whom are paying hush money to so many financially strapped citizens and small businesses.

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