SILLE MARIE – Karstensens Shipyard delivers new trawler to Norway

On July 2, 2021, a contract was entered into between Sille Marie AS and Karstensens Shipyard A/S for the construction of a new 65.90 m trawler. The newbuilding is now completed and delivered to the shipping company. A christening ceremony will be held on Saturday, August 12, 2023, in Kristiansand. Sille Marie AS is owned by Carl Aamodt and the Salthaug family from Søgne, Norway. The shipping company was established in 2015. This vessel is the company’s first newbuilding and will replace the previous “Sille Marie,” which was purchased from Sweden in 2015 and has now been sold back to Sweden. The company is led by Carl Aamodt in collaboration with skipper Bastian Salthaug, Yngvar Salthaug, and chief engineer Tobias Salthaug. Lots of photos, >click to read< 09:56

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