Putin launches war on Britain’s fishermen: Russia signs off plan to ban UK trawlers from its cod and haddock-rich waters 

Vladimir Putin today declared a Cod War on Britain as he tore up fishing rights for UK trawlers that have existed since 1956. His compliant parliament ended an agreement signed by the Soviet Union allowing British vessels to fish in the Barents Sea. The move to hit Britain’s fish and chips is revenge for the UK handicapping the Russian economy with sanctions over the war in Ukraine and supplying missiles to Kyiv. It is Putin’s idea to hit at the British, says one of his closest henchmen. The 71-year-old dictator’s warships could now be used against any trawlers seeking to catch cod on Putin’s doorstep. In Moscow, the ploy is seen as a masterstroke personally decreed by Putin, hitting the Brits where it hurts. photos, more, >>click to read<< 16:54

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