The Heat is On! Fishermen move protest to FFAW building after Richard Gillett addressed supporters outside DFO

Demonstrating fishermen have moved their protest from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to the Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) building in St. John’. About 60 fishermen gathered outside the FFAW Monday morning asking for a meeting with the union. “We want a meeting with Bill Broderick, John Boland, Keith Sullivan and Dave Decker. The fishermen [are] fed up with the union here. Our voices are not getting to Ottawa,” said Rod Rowe, a fisherman from Fogo who has been fishing more than 30 years. “You all watched Richard Gillett starve himself. What did Ottawa do? What did our union do? What did our provincial government do? Absolutely nothing. They were willing to let him die. We’re not going to sit down and die either.” click here to see more images and video,  read the story. 10:23

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