Your View: Groundfish fishery has struggled for generations

sct logoThe historical record makes it clear that the current New England groundfish fishery disaster is but one of many disasters that have threatened the industry over its 400-year history (“Our View: Complex fisheries need the best minds,” Dec. 22). The fishery has endured chronic crises since at least 1789, Read more@southcoasttoday  05:14

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  1. Dick Grachek says:

    Oops! Richard B. Allen, careful now, your Pew/EDF is showing again. Same ol’ tired argument huh? It’s not the privatization, consolidation, and commodification of the groundfish that’s creating any problems here? It’s not the EDF $millions poured into the economic scam catch shares campaign, or the constant lawsuit threat by EDF’s “legal” arm the CLF, or the Pew sponsored bogus Joint Oceans Commission’s paper “Oceans of Abundance”
    from such scientific lumenaries as Lubchenco, Worm and Myers, Costello, Steven Gaines, etc. bogus hyperbole predicting a dire future for our oceans—jellyfish—and used as the “scientific” basis for the ridiculously rigid and biologically impossible rebuilding framework requirements (ignoring any environmental influences on the stocks) of the 2006 MSA reauthorization. No, none of that contributed to the to the groundfish “problems”? It was all a function of the “Over-capitalization of the Fleet” in the 80’s and the Hague Line?

    So there’s really no need for any flexibility in the current MSA reauthorization? Is that your point with this long and crafted comment, Rich?

    This bogus argument of EDF’s that you trumpet didn’t work a few years ago and it won’t work now. That time has long passed.

    In a letter from the past that Allen wrote to RI Senators Whitehouse and Reed the same lame argument that we need to look over the longer period for the causes of groundfish problems is put forth:

    “I’m maintaining that we have to look at longer period of time,” Allen told Saving Seafood about claims of economic harm. “How about comparing 2010 to the last ten, fifteen years or more?” (Or maybe let’s go back to 1789?—as he’s done in this last comment to the Standard Times.) But really I guess it all makes sense when you—just follow the money.
    “EDF consultant Richard B. Allen has written to both Rhode Island Senators claiming that, “[New Bedford, Massachusetts] Mayor Lang’s crusade is emotionally and politically attractive, but it is short on facts and logic.”

    When asked about his motivation for sending the letter, Allen – who owns a commercial industry consultancy that includes the Environmental Defense Fund among its clients, is a former Marine Fellow for the Pew Charitable Trusts (, was a member of the New England Fisheries Management Council 1986-1995, and ran his own lobster vessel – said he sent it as a personal attempt to provide background information for his own congressional delegation.

  2. Chuck Etzel says:

    Great comment.


    That’s right give it to them Dick. Lubchenco was so sadistic she didn’t even provide LUBE.even though Her Hands were covered with it given her Gulf BP collaboration. “COREXIT JANE ” “The most DANGEROUS WOMAN on the PLANET”.
    Collusion from the GOVERNMENT and GREEN NON-PROFITS.created the ultimate “HOSTILE TAKEOVER” they even brought in the expertise of the MILKEN BROTHERS through the MILKEN INSTITUTE this RICO ORGANIZATION deserves a complete Congressional Investigation
    The only Green here is the ROT that it is composed of. It can easily be CROWNED “THE DEN OF THIEVES II”.


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