The lure of the sea, a lifelong debt trap for fishermen

fisherman_0 Fishermen Taiyab Ali Sardar prepares meal for colleagues at a trawler at Badura portWhen in rough weather the waves rise up, it can take all a man’s strength and then some for a fisherman to overcome. There’s wit, skill and experience in sea fishing, and beyond that prayer and perhaps a little luck… The open sea: it’s no place for an octogenarian. But for Taiyab Ali Sarder of Chitholiya village in Pirojpur Sadar upazila, regularly returning to the sea in his twilight years is the only option. “There’s none to bear our family’s expenses,” he says. It’s rather the need to repay advance loan money called dadan to his master, the boat owner, which chains Sarder to the sea. His story is not unique. Read the rest here 19:14

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