Friends and family remember lost fisherman David “Heavy D” Sutherland – ‘No angel, but a miracle’

Dave Heavy D SutherlandThe tableau could not have been more perfect through the expansive windows lining the back wall of the Tavern on the Harbor, as the Gloucester fishing family collected at midday Thursday to say goodbye to David R. Sutherland. The previous week had been a difficult one, not only for Sutherland’s family and longtime girlfriend Susie Byrd, but for all of those who knew the big man, either from the docks and the waterfront or from the Crow’s Nest, where Byrd tends bar and the couple first met. Sutherland often referred to the renowned Gloucester watering hole as “his office.” If he bought you a drink there, he insisted it come in a substantial glass that was not for the meek. It was known as a “Heavy D” drink. Read the article here 07:37

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