Havyard live fish carrier delivered to Norsk Fisketransport

Picture-1Havyard Ship Technology has delivered its newbuild fish carrier, Namsos, to owner Norsk Fisketransport (NFT). The contract for the building of Namsos, a Havyard 587 Live Fish Carrier design, was signed in November 2013.Børge Lorentzsen, deputy CEO of NFT, said: “Havyard 587’s hull and propulsion system are also very economical in terms of fuel consumption. We can carry three times as much salmon with Havtrans and Namsos as older boats without having to use more fuel.” Read the article here 11:18

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  1. DickyG says:

    Pretty vessel huh? Actually I don’t think it’s very pretty at all; but it’s pretty obvious where the money flows. This new and extremely expensive vessel is used by the aquaculture giants like Marine Harvest and Cermaq to transport live salmon from the open pens to the waiting processor customers (see Vimeo in post above). All market listed and market capitalized corporations: the builder, the transporter, and the Salmon farmers.

    When has privatization and market capitalized corporate control of a natural resource ever done anything good for the quality of life of the resource, the quality of the product of that resource, the well-being of the workers that harvest that resource, or the consumers that depend on that resource product? When has this kind of corporate control for profit scheme done anything for anyone but the handful of scheme-artists out to make a quick buck by bolstering their quarterly stock prices through investing in a new “rapid growth” industry?

    This is what of Norwegian Salmon Fishing looks like now??? And considering the direction things are going, our fisheries will soon look the same!

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