Coast Guard boat crews safeguard fishing vessel disabled by rogue wave near Oregon coast

commercial fishing vessel Ms. Nicani,Boat crews from Coast Guard Depoe Bay towed the three person crew of a commercial fishing vessel in distress and have been safeguarding them near Yaquina Bay since 2 a.m. Thursday, unable to cross the Yaquina Bay bar as 20-foot seas continue to thrash the Oregon coast. Due to a Captain of the Port closure restricting movement across the Yaquina Bay bar, two lifeboat crews are on standby with the fishing vessel Ms. Nicani until local weather clears, which is expected to be late Thursday evening or Friday morning. The tow began around 2 a.m. about two miles off shore when the crew of Ms. Nicani reported a rogue wave broke the vessel’s windshield and destroyed their electronic systems. Waves in the area were reported to be between 25 and 30 feet the time of the call.  Read the rest here 07:14

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