Timeline | Tragedy at Sea

The search for five young Nova Scotia fishermen, believed to have perished when their fishing boat overturned in rough waters about 12-hours steam off Nova Scotia, gripped the country and threw a small Nova Scotia commufishing vessel miss allynity’s grief into the spotlight.
A week of exhaustive aerial and underwater searches found no sign of the young men’s bodies. The search came to an end on Sunday — one week after the men went missing — after a dive team search the capsized vessel, the Miss Ally, and turned up nothing.  Timeline here  Video

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  1. - Moderator says:

    Fisherman’s Prayer

    God grant that I may live to fish

    For another shining day,

    But when my final cast is made

    I then most humbly pray,

    When nestled in your landing net

    As I lay peacefully asleep,

    You’ll smile at me and judge

    That I’m “good enough to keep.”

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