Bluefin tuna – ‘The biggest, baddest fish in the ocean’

bluefin-5The love of the bluefin tuna runs deep in Jeff MacNeill. Captain Jeff, as he’s called, is the third generation in his family to fish for the giant bluefin. As long as he can remember, he has posed for photos next to the giant fish that have been hauled aboard a boat in what he calls “the battle.” “They’re so big, they’re so beautiful, they’re five times stronger than any other fish in the ocean,” said MacNeill. “It’s the biggest, baddest fish in the ocean and they’re right on our door step.” “It’s basically you’re hooking on to a Volkswagen is what you’re doing.” But it’s not all glory. MacNeill recalls many years ago when he went out for 28 days in a row without getting a bite.”I get emotional thinking about it, they’re just the greatest fish in the world. They are.” Read the story here, with more images 09:40

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