Tanya Tagaq: Anti-sealing movement is ‘the bad guy’

The anti-sealing movement targets the wrong people, says Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq. Tagaq, delivering a keynote speech Sunday at the Inuit Studies Conference at Memorial University, touched on her pro-sealing views that drew criticism n 2014, when she tweeted a picture of her baby daughter next to a freshly killed seal near her hometown of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. She displayed the picture during her speech at MUN’s Angus Bruneau Centre on Sunday. “This picture caused a shitstorm,” said Tagaq, who explained she posted it in support of a social media campaign to educate people on human seal hunting. “Inuit are being cornered into an economic world, economic system, a sedentary way of life.” The Inuit are not in control of their own resources, said Tagaq.”Before the seal ban, we were thriving, being able to provide for our families and buy hunting supplies and pay rent by doing what we’ve always done, which is loving and protecting our seals and living amongst them and eating them and utilizing them.” Read the story here 09:54

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