Selling Lobster and Themselves: Cousin’s Maine Lobster Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

The introduction video started off with Jim Tselkis and Sabin Lomac introducing themselves in front of lobster cages, and a Maine harbor. They said that they were cousins from Maine. Jim said that the best part about growing up in Maine was definitely the lobster. He insisted that Maine lobster was the best lobster meat you’ll ever have. He said that they were currently living in Los Angeles. The video flashed to food truck with Cousin’s Maine Lobster emblazoned on the top. Jim peeked out from inside, and asked who wanted some fresh Maine lobster. The two walked into the Shark Tank. They greeted the Sharks, and introduce themselves. They told the Sharks that they were seeking $55,000 in exchange for 5% of Cousin’s Maine Lobster. Jim asked the Sharks to Picture People crowding around lobster Shacks in Maine, waiting for the chance to taste Maine’s signature dish, the lobster roll. Jim said that they brought then Maine lobster experience to Southern California. Read the story here 11:32

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