H.R. 1456 and S. 793 – Congressman Walter B. Jones Weighs in for North Carolina Fishermen

Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) is moving to help Eastern North Carolina fishermen who could be hurt by legislation pending before Congress.  The bills threaten America’s domestic shark fisheries, and a significant piece of those fisheries is in Eastern North Carolina.  They are sustainably managed and help support the economy in coastal North Carolina and other small fishing communities around the country. The bills – H.R. 1456 and S. 793 – purport to be an attempt to stop the practice of shark finning (i.e. the process of removing fins at sea and discarding the shark).  They seek to do so by banning the sale of fins, even those harvested legally here in the United States. click here to read the press release 14:53

  • Joel Hovanesian

    They publicly claimed that NOAA Fisheries had 500 cases of shark finning over the last several years. That number sounded impossibly high to Congressman Jones, so in August he asked NOAA Fisheries for the real number of federal shark finning violations assessed over the past five years. According to NOAA, the real number is not 500, it is 22.

    Say it aint so. NOAA lying to further an agenda from an anti fishing crusading organization? When will someone be held accountable at this lecherous agency?