Fishing boat runs aground after man at helm nods off

Boat owner Michael Michieli, and the crew member who nodded off after being left in charge, were rescued by the emergency services. Neither was injured. Describing the incident, Mr Michieli’s daughter Rebecca said: ‘They had been over to France and they had been working for 48 hours. ‘My dad was resting and asleep downstairs, and as they got closer to Jersey the crew member in the wheelhouse also fell asleep for a few minutes. Lockdown restrictions have devastated the export market. Many local fishermen, including Mr Michieli, have since been making a living by selling their catch from ‘pop-up’ stalls. Ms Michieli added: ‘It was purely an accident and we are very grateful to everyone who came to help. It was just one of those things – and my dad even joked that he should say they were just trying to create a pop-up fish stall.’ >click to read< 18:57

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