‘Seasickness covers you like a shawl’ — my week on a Cornish trawler learning to fish

Though I set my alarm for 5.45am for this, my first morning on the Filadelfia, I sleep right through and rouse to find it is 9am and I am alone in the cabin. I can still feel seasickness menacing somewhere about my person. And so, though I hate the way it muffles my senses, I take another pill before scrambling up the ladder to join the men upstairs. I enter the galley to multiple jeers of: “Nice lie in?” and: “Get your beauty sleep?” Since everyone is seated about the table, I gather I must have woken up just after the Fishwife Call, when whoever is on watch puts the kettle on, makes mugs of coffee and then heads down to wake up the snoozing crew for the next haul. >click to read< 10:16

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