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Central Northumberland lobstermen have high hopes after downturn

lobsterDM0811_468x5211906, 1932, 1959 and 1987. “Those were the really good years for lobster fishing in the central Northumberland Strait,” Eben Elliott said Wednesday. “There’s lots of different theories about what’s caused the highs and the lows for lobster landings, but in the end, it’s what’s going on in nature that is responsible.” The fortunes of Elliott’s family have been tied lobster stocks in the central Northumberland Strait since his great-grandfather set his first traps in Port Howe around the beginning of the 20th century. Read the rest here 21:34

Pacific Seafood Group calls off acquisition of Ocean Gold Seafoods – Fishermen press forward with the lawsuit

Pacific Seafood Group announced Tuesday it has canceled plans to acquire Ocean Gold Seafoods, citing a legal challenge from commercial fishermen who allege the purchase would expand Pacific Seafood’s monopoly power over the groundfish, whiting and coldwater shrimp markets. A federal judge granted the fishermen a temporary restraining order to block the acquisition of the Westport, Wash., fish processing plant and scheduled a hearing for early February. Read the rest here 19:50

Kodiak: Study Shows Skepticism With Fisheries Privatization

A survey of fish harvesters in Kodiak by University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers shows much concern over future of fisheries access because of privatization of fishing rights. While survey data showed a range of perspectives on the effects of privatization on fishing and the Kodiak community, respondents to the study tended to talk about privatization as a significant change that had divisive, negative impacts in the community. Crewmembers and the next generation of fishermen were identified as disproportionately affected by privatization processes. Read the rest here 17:09

Pew Pornographic: ‘Eyes on the Sea’ Curtail Illegal Fishing? Spying on ALL Fishermen around the World!

The display shows 120,000 blinking white lights, each a fishing vessel equipped with AIS. While the device is mandatory, illegal operators often switch it off and no one is the wiser. Long says to combat that, Project Eyes on the Seas combines multiple sources of satellite tracking data with secret government information and documentation on every ship’s history.“The same system the fishing vessels use to predict where the fish are going to be, we can bring that environmental source into this data,, Read the rest here 13:56

Public Comment of Stephen Taufen, founder of Groundswell Fisheries Movement – Re: C-5 Bering Sea Halibut PSC

alaska-halibut__frontMadame Secretary, Chairman Dan Hull & NPFMC members: Groundswell is a public fisheries advocacy movement that has testified before the NPFMC for the past two decades, and I am Stephen Taufen, founder.  Formerly employed in the Alaskan seafood processing sector, and managed operations for pollock weight grading and related background.  This public comment concerns the previously incontrollable excessive bycatch to which the Council now attends.  Groundswell favors:, Read the rest here 13:34

Man charged after cops find explosives; he says they’re for fishing

Gregory-Knepper-jpgFor the second time in two days, a bomb squad and investigators searched the home of a Wilton Manors man Tuesday where police said four homemade explosive tubes, including one with nails on the outside, were confiscated the day before. Residents in four blocks surrounding Gregory Knepper’s house on the 400 block of NW 24th St. were evacuated Monday for about eight hours, Read the rest here 12:58

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 37′ Repco Lobster (High Sheer),1980, Lobster Fiberglass\Cored, CAT


Specifications, and information and 22 photos click here  To see all the boats in this series, Click here  11:55

Our view: Bridging NOAA’s credibility gap

Bill Karp, director of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, should have a chance later this week to bridge some fundamental gaps in trust and credibility when he delivers a report on NOAA Fisheries’ stock assessment process and scientific models program. To his credit, he concedes the enormous disconnect between what NOAA Fisheries has found in its stock assessments and what fishermen see every day on the water is a significant problem. Read the rest here 11:26

Alaska needs a major halibut bycatch reduction, by David Bayes

I’ve watched as longline and charter halibut allocations have declined steadily, and have long awaited the day when regulators would hold trawlers accountable for their waste. alaska-halibut__frontThough the halibut stocks in the Bering Sea may seem unimportant to Anchorage and the Peninsula, the Northeastern migration of growing halibut means problems that begin in the Bering Sea will soon enough carry through to our area. Though the Bering Sea is a remote region, what precedent does Alaska set by allowing this blatant abuse of one of our most valuable and symbolic resources? Read the rest here 11:11

American Shrimp Processors Association pushing for legislation to help the industry

It is estimated Americans will eat 1.5 billion pounds of shrimp this year, but it’s not  that will benefit. According to NOAA, it’s foreign countries. In an effort to change that, members of the American Shrimp Processors Association recently met with Washington lawmakers urging them to support legislation they believe will help the shrimp industry. The “Leveling the Playing Field Act” would allow American industries, such as the shrimping industry, to be able to compete with foreign imports. Video, Read the rest here 08:18

Fishing Rights Alliance has requested that the Secretary of Commerce remove three members from the Gulf Council

GMFMC SidebarIn a letter today, The Fishing Rights Alliance has requested that the Secretary of Commerce remove three members from the Gulf Council for their failure to disclose Board of Director positions with a commercial advocacy and lobbying organization, in clear violation of the MSA. Gulf Council members Corky Perrett (Miss), Harlon Pearce (La) and  are on the Board of Directors of The Gulf Seafood Institute, whose lobbying efforts are made clear on their website. 20:26

Well. Isn’t that special! Commercial Halibut quota owners selling to Waterfall Resort!

Waterfall Resort, the most popular fishing lodge in Alaska, is raising the bar for the 2015 season by offering a Bonus Halibut Tag program. Novice and experienced anglers alike will now have the opportunity to bring home twice the Halibut during daily-guided fishing excursions. To make this program possible, Waterfall Resort is partnering with commercial fishermen to purchase surplus Halibut quota and then offer it exclusively to guests at our cost. Wild Alaska Halibut fishing is prime during the entire summer season. EDF loves this! Read the rest here 19:28

Nominees sought for Pacific Fishery Management Council

PFMC SidebarThe Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is currently accepting nominations for a seat on the Pacific Fishery Management Council. The deadline to request nomination materials is Feb. 13. The three-year term begins in August. The successful candidate must work collectively with other council members, often making difficult decisions and fulfilling the standards set forth by the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Serving on the council is a substantial time commitment. Read the rest here 17:53

“Deadliest Catch” Star Sig Hanson Get’s Dumped By Trump! – “The Sexiest Catch” Theme Was a Bomber

apprentice-eric-trump-sig-hansen Sig went with a “The Sexiest Catch” theme. However, Kate didn’t like it , claiming the Hooters girls might be too edgy, especially since they didn’t know what types of people would be on the cruise. But Sig was absolutely convinced it would work for them, saying, sex sells. (right?) It flopped. Trump said, “Sig, you’re fired!” He also said he would donate $25, 000 to Sig’s charity, the Coast Guard Foundation. Read the rest here 17:24

On the Fisheries Broadcast @ 16:30 today, NH Groundfisherman David Goethel

mza_1601165783653993600_255x255-75Jamie Baker and Dave discusses the Gulf of Maine cod situation. Click here for the link. At the top, click Listen, then click listen live, Radio One, St. Johns.  It should be interesting! 14:09

Obama administration opens up southern Atlantic coast to offshore drilling – but restricts it in Alaska

Obama BPThe Obama administration announced plans Tuesday to allow oil drilling in Atlantic waters off several Southeastern states, including Virginia, while moving to restrict access to oil companies along the Pacific and in environmentally sensitive areas off Alaska’s northern coast. “This is a balanced proposal that would make available nearly 80 percent of the undiscovered technically recoverable resources, while protecting areas that are simply too special to develop,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said in unveiling the plan. Read the rest here 13:24

Sirena, Lyons Seafoods buy into Canadian shrimp firm

Danish firm Sirena and UK-based Lyons Seafoods have announced they are purchasing 50% in Canadian coldwater shrimp supplier Les Pecheries Marinard. Sirena will acquire its share of the stake in the cooked and peeled processor – which supplies the UK supermarket chain Marks & Spencer and owns the Mariniere brand – through its wholly owned Canadian arm, Whitecap International Seafood Exporters. St Johns, Newfoundland-based Whitecap is,, Read the rest here  12:43

Greenpeace’s cynical toytown fantasy – Fishing Body Rejects Basis for Greenpeace’s Divisive Court Action

wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-scaled500-e1371562470325“Despite Greenpeace’s claims that they champion small boat fishermen, they have once again failed to think through the practical implications of what they are proposing. The UK’s need for a diverse fleet of large, medium and small vessels to take advantage of all its fishing opportunities is vital to the industry’s interdependence in supporting port infrastructures and ensuring continuation of supply.”  Read the rest here 12:24

Fishery science dispute front and center at storm shortened NEFMC meetings

gdt iconThe New England Fishery Management Council cancelled Tuesday’s session of the upcoming meetings in Portsmouth, N.H., but still holds out hope it will be able to squeeze much of the three-day agenda into Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. If that is the case, the final item could be the most contentious: Northeast Fisheries Science Center Director Bill Karp’s report on NOAA Fisheries’ stock assessment process and modeling program. Read the rest here 11:45

Alaska’s Board of Fish closes two areas to commercial Dungeness crab fleet

Alaska’s Board of Fish this month for the most part voted down proposed closures for commercial Dungeness crabbing around Southeast. However, the board during a meeting in Wrangell did support closed areas around Angoon and Hoonah. Southeast residents and communities submitted 10 proposals this year seeking to place areas off-limits to the commercial Dungeness crab fleet. Most sought the closed areas to improve personal use or subsistence crabbing nearby some Southeast towns. Read the rest here 10:56

Plan to impose lobster levies to go public

Canadian_LobsterThe details on how the two-cents-per-pound levy will be collected and utilized will be released by the Lobster Council of Canada next week to coincide with sessions being held by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department around the province over the coming weeks. The marketing campaign wouldn’t be directed at consumers due to the expense of buying advertisements. Instead, it would target industry buyers like restaurants, said Irvine. Read the rest here 09:41

Fishermen temporarily block Pacific Seafood Group’s acquisition of Ocean Gold Seafoods, claiming monopoly

Commercial fishermen, including a groundfish trawler from Astoria, have won a temporary restraining order blocking Pacific Seafood Group’s acquisition of Ocean Gold Seafoods, among the largest seafood processors on the West Coast. The fishermen allege that the acquisition would increase Pacific Seafood’s monopoly power in the groundfish, whiting and coldwater shrimp markets in violation of federal antitrust law. Read the rest here 09:07

PEER Aleutian Sanctuary Ocean Grab Stalls Out

thCAWQFEFIOn Friday, the NOAA announced that the Aleutians won’t advance in the process to become a national marine sanctuary — mostly due to a lack of local support. Adak, King Cove, Akutan, and the Aleutians East Borough all came out against the nomination. Environmentalists (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) and research groups had been seeking permanent limits on oil and gas leasing and commercial fishing in federal waters around the Chain. Read the rest here 22:50

LDWF Announces 2015 Derelict Crab Trap Cleanup; Volunteers Needed

The blue crab 2 was initiated by LDWF in 2004 to address removal of derelict and abandoned crab traps. In order to conduct the trap cleanups, licensed crab fishermen received a notice informing them that they must remove their crab traps from within the closure area during the closure period, and all remaining crab traps will be considered abandoned and may be removed by agency personnel or volunteers. For a map of the closure area click here. Read the rest here 19:42

2015 IPHC Annual Meeting – Monday, January 26 through Friday, January 30, 2015 – Listen via Webinar

The Ninety-First Annual Meeting of the will be held from Monday, January 26 through Friday, January 30, 2015 at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. This year’s meeting is scheduled to open on Monday with presentations on the fishery, the 2014 stock assessment, and the harvest decision table, and conclude on Friday with Commission approval of catch limits and regulations. All public sessions and administrative sessions will be open to the public. These open sessions will also be webcast. Read the rest here, webinar links. 17:30

Victoria’s Secret: Dumping Raw Sewage Like It’s 1915

When friends of mine recently got norovirus from eating foraged Gulf Island oysters, my first instinct was a strange one. I blamed Victoria. More specifically, I blamed Victoria’s raw sewage, which is pumped out to the Juan de Fuca Strait at a rate of 130 million litres per day. British Columbia’s capital is one of the last major cities north of San Diego to dump all of its untreated waste (including pesticides, street runoff and pharmaceuticals) into the ocean. Read the rest here 16:59

UPDATED!! NEFMC – Revised Council Meeting Agenda!

NEFMC SidebarDear Interested Parties: Because of the winter storm that is headed to New England, the Council leadership has reorganized the previously distributed agenda. The meeting will now be held in Portsmouth, NH from late afternoon on Wednesday, Jan. 28th, through Thursday, January 29th. Also, a number of items have been eliminated and will be addressed at a future date. Please see the new agenda REV.agenda_Jan2015 for details  or check our website, under Council Meetings. 15:08

The American eel’s ‘endangered’ designation isn’t backed up by the science

elver eelOver the past decade, eel fishermen in Maine and all along the Atlantic coast have been part of a responsibly managed fishery, adhering to stringent regulations developed across state, provincial and international lines.,, Despite these notable management efforts, in late 2014, the environmental group International Union for the Conservation of Nature placed American eel on its “Red List” of endangered species. Read the rest here 14:55

I dunno about this one! Atlantic, Pacific Fish Face Mixing as Arctic Warms

“There will be an interchange of the fish communities between those two seas,” beginning as soon as 2050, said Mary Wisz, lead author on the report in Nature Climate Change and a senior ecosystem scientist at Aarhaus University in Denmark. “We know from historical examples that this kind of interchange, when biotas have been separated over long evolutionary time scales, can have huge consequences.” Read the rest here! 12:25

Just in! – NCFA Weekly Update for Jan. 23, 2015

NCFAWeekly Update for Jan. 23, 2015 as a PDF 11:42