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The fish that built Lofoten

In the far north of Nordland county, the Lofoten Islands stretch out into the Norwegian Sea like a row of teeth. Ever since the Viking Age, the islands have played an important role in fishing for the Norwegian Arctic cod or “Skrei” (pronounced ‘skrey’), which come here to spawn in the winter months. The fishing industry has left many a mark in the history of Lofoten, and is still important for people who live out here. >click to read< 18:25

So Cal Cities Sue Over Tijuana Sewage Polluting US Beaches

Southern California cities, tired of their beaches and waterways being polluted by sewage entering U.S. waters from Tijuana, Mexico, sued the international agency tasked with upholding the Clean Water Act on Friday.,, “Human sewage, enormous volumes of sediment, industrial wastes, pesticides, massive amounts of trash, and a host of other nefarious pollutants from defendants’ facilities barrage the Tijuana River, its Estuary, the Pacific Ocean, and the Imperial Beach beachfront, contaminating those natural resources, stigmatizing the beachfront as unclean and unsafe, and sickening members of the public who use the Tijuana River Valley, the beach, and the ocean for recreation,” the cities claim. >click to read<16:52

Green MLA Adam Olsen says it’s time to get Atlantic salmon out of B.C. waters

A major blow has been inflicted on the Atlantic-salmon-farming industry in Washington State. This has one provincial lawmaker calling for similar action in the coastal waters of British Columbia. Saanich North and the Islands Green MLA Adam Olsen says the time has come to end open-net farming of Atlantic salmon. Olsen is a member of the Tsartlip First Nation and has long advocated for protecting the Salish Sea and Saanich Inlet. >click to read< 15:50

What’s happening to the lobster babies? Portland dealer will pay to get an answer

Scientists want to know why the number of lobster babies in the Gulf of Maine is declining when their numbers at every other stage of their life cycle remain high. That question is considered so important to the future of Maine’s $1.5 billion lobster industry that one of Maine’s 200 lobster dealers – Ready Seafood of Portland – is funding a university study to investigate what some scientists call the big disconnect. “What’s happening to the babies?” asked Brendan Ready. >click to read< 14:18

Change of leadership at Maine Lobstermen’s Association

At the 64th annual meeting of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association on March 2, long-time president David Cousens stepped down from his position as MLA president and Kristan Porter, of Cutler, was elected by the MLA board of directors to the post. Porter, 47, was one of the MLA’s two vice-presidents. “I am honored to have worked with so many dedicated people over the years. We’ve had some rough times but I think the industry is in a better place than it was 27 years ago,” said David Cousens, in a news release. “Kristan is smart and a clear thinker so I know the organization is in good hands.” >click to read< 13:27

Millions of dead fish wash up on Yorkshire beach after Storm Emma

Millions of dead fish and sea creatures washed up on Yorkshire’s East Coast over the weekend. Tidal waves and gale force winds from Storm Emma are believed to have caused the “huge dump of animals”,,, Commercial fisherman Jack Sanderson was at Fraisthorpe with a group of fishermen rescuing live lobsters to release back into the sea. “It was just like a war zone, total chaos,” said Sanderson. “We have had strong easterly winds up to force nine and combined with a 6.2 metre tide, and the fact there was a lot of cold, frost and snow, meant the water temperature dropped two degrees in one day, which is massive.” >click to read< 11:37

It’s getting harder to reel in a living on South Carolina coast

Pete Kornack launched his oyster boat into “white knuckle” thick fog on a recent morning and came back with a good harvest, some 16 bushels. The hoist squeaked almost musically pulling the bags of oysters from the boat to the dock. But it wasn’t like the days when Kornack, 50, was young. Crews then would bring back 90 bushels, sometimes shoveling them into the boat. Today, commercial shellfish harvesters like Kornack often have to supplement the living they love by finding other jobs. >click to read<10:27

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“Michelle Malkin Investigates: Fishing Wars ” Takes HIIDA Best Documentary of the Month

BEST OF THE MONTH “Michelle Malkin Investigates: Fishing Wars ” will take home this beautiful HIIDA Trophy during the Award Ceremony on March 24, 2018. A monthly film festival with a yearly live screening at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood exclusively for Documentaries.  All monthly Winners of 2017 will be invited to attend the Mega Red Carpet HIIDA Award Ceremony Event held on March 24, 2018, @ Raleigh Studios Hollywood. >click to read< Michell appeared on Fox and Friends this morning and it is also discussed, >watch here<09:31