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Newcastle Co-op braces for impact of seismic testing on commercial fishing industry

A lot of dead fish – that’s the fallout a Hunter commercial fishing industry leader expects after seismic testing is finished off the coast of Newcastle. Western Australia-based company Advent Energy received approval from the Commonwealth regulator in January to use an air gun to shoot acoustic pulses into the ocean floor in search of gas deposits about 30km off the east coast. The testing, which will take place over three to four days this week, was due to start last Monday but a cyclone in Queensland delayed the survey vessel’s journey to the Hunter. >click to read<21:51

Northern Peninsula harvesters surprised and disappointed by crab price announcement

Harvesters in the 3K region of the Great Northern Peninsula experienced a slight 2 per cent increase in crab quota this year. But the price designation of $4.55 – a price far below what they had hoped for – has many in this fishery frustrated and seeking answers. Englee fisherman Ronald Patey says without a better price for this new crab quota, which is roughly half of what it was in years past, harvesters will struggle to make ends meet. Chair of St. Anthony’s Port Authority Ernest Simms says the latest announcement around crab prices is a definite disappointment. >click to read<20:14

12-year-old boat builder unveils Jacob’s Pride in Winterton

Twelve-year-old Jacob Hiscock has interests that aren’t necessarily the norm for kids his age in Newfoundland and Labrador. He’s not interested in working in an office when he grows up and instead plans on making a career on the water, whether it’s with the coast guard, as a fisherman, or as a boat builder. With his grandfather Frank French, Hiscock has made some major strides on his latest effort at boat building with Jacob’s Pride, a five-foot wooden boat that just touched down on the water in Winterton. >click to read<18:35

Gregory Mayhew has passed away

Gregory Mayhew, 72, died peacefully at his home in West Tisbury on Wednesday evening, April 11, enveloped by the love of his family. Greg battled chronic illness for many years, although this was rarely apparent, due to his ready smile and upbeat nature. Gregory was born Sept. 19, 1945, at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. He was the third of Benjamin C. Mayhew Jr. and Eileen (Sullivan) Mayhew’s five children.,, Fishing was in Greg’s blood from birth, and was a family affair. >click to read<16:30

It’s getting harder to reel in a living on the SC coast

Pete Kornack launched his oyster boat into “white knuckle” thick fog on a recent morning and came back with a good harvest, some 16 bushels. The hoist squeaked almost musically pulling the bags of oysters from the boat to the dock. But it wasn’t like the days when Kornack, 50, was young. Crews then would bring back 90 bushels, sometimes shoveling them into the boat. Today, commercial shellfish harvesters like Kornack often have to supplement the living they love by finding other jobs. >click to read<15:54

Snow crab season still on ice, Fishermen remain hopeful of early opening

Despite widespread interest in an early opening date, the president of the P.E.I. Snow Crab Association says weather and ice could dictate when snow crab fishermen in the Gulf of St. Lawrence get on the water. Carter Hutt said there was a desire to have the fishery open by April 20, but he noted there is still a considerable amount of ice in the gulf and the weather hasn’t been co-operating in terms of moving it out. >click to read<11:43

New England Fishery Management Council meeting in Mystic, Ct. April 17 — 19, 2018

The New England Fishery Management Council will be meeting in Mystic, CT Hilton Hotel, 20 Coogan Boulevard, April 17 — 19, 2018.  To read the final agenda, >click here< Register for webinar >click here< to listen live 11:09

Fisherman’s “beloved” Arbroath trawler tracked down to Ireland for special 80th birthday surprise

A former fisherman from Arbroath has been reunited with his beloved boat for the first time in more than four decades. The Swankie family’s fishing trawler was sold in 1974 but skipper Jim Swankie’s love for the Morning Star grew stronger as the years passed. Attempts to find her over the years had come to nothing and he had all but given up hope of ever seeing her again. However, daughter Jillian Schofield knew how much the boat meant to her dad and secretly set about trying to track her down. >click to read<09:48

Opinion: Ryan K. Zinke – American energy dominance means Mass. wind

from the op-ed – As we look to the future, wind energy — particularly offshore wind — will play a greater role in sustaining American energy dominance. Offshore wind uniquely leverages the natural resources off of our East Coast, bringing jobs and meeting the region’s demand for renewable energy. Ramping up wind development and building new power grid systems also coincides well with Trump’s goal of enhancing and modernizing our American infrastructure. While we continue our commitment to the coal miners and other energy workers who built our nation, we also support wind as a valued component of a diverse and flexible energy policy. >click to read<07:22