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Newport News captain back from voyage delivering supplies to Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

Buck Ford guided his scallop boat, the Ocean Fox, to the Bahamas to drop off supplies and help desperate people in need after Hurricane Dorian slammed the island. “They thanked us over and over,” Ford told News 3 on Thursday. “One guy hadn’t had a pair of shoes since the hurricane, so I told him to look around and he found a pair of tennis shoes. Those were the first pair he’d had since the hurricane.” >click to read< Sept. 11,2019,  Newport News scallop boat embarking on 800 mile voyage to Bahamas to deliver disaster relief>click to read<  17:19

Auction for offshore wind lease just around the corner

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is set to hold an auction to lease space approximately 25 miles off the coast of Eureka to develop an offshore wind energy project in 2020,,,  We’re committed to building this project and that we’re able to do that in a way, again, that delivers benefits to the local community.” The companies are front-loading much of the work that needs to be done by trying to assess the impacts to wildlife and local industries, Studds said. >click to read<  16:07

EPA considering first fish farm in Gulf of Mexico

The farm, a pilot project, would not only be a first for the gulf, but would also be the first in the federal waters of the continental United States. If it works, then look for others to follow, both here and elsewhere, said Kampachi co-founder Neil Anthony Sims. “We think the gulf coast of Florida around Tampa offers the most advantageous location, given the criteria we’re looking at,” Sims said. Other companies are eyeing potential fish farm locations off of California and Long Island, he said. >click to read< 14:24

Coast fishermen, seafood related businesses welcome disaster declaration

The federal fisheries disaster declaration was certainly welcomed by fishermen and seafood sales businesses along the Coast Wednesday. Because of the algae bloom, the seafood industry has been hit hard. But even in the midst of crisis, there are pockets of success. Business is steady for the Cajun Maid at the Pass Christian Harbor. “Every day, people come up here every single day to buy shrimp,” said deckhand Britt Roberts. >click to read< 11:38

Blaze rages on Russian trawler in northern Norway

A Russian trawler with around 200,000 litres of diesel oil inside and an ammonia tank is in flames at a northern Norwegian port. Authorities have evacuated the surrounding areas because of an risk of the vessel exploding.,, Photos and video footage from the scene showed the vessel had listed drastically by Thursday mid-morning and was covered with thick smoke >Video, click to read< 10:41

Scots fishing value rises to £574m despite drop in catches, increased value of cod and monkish helped

The value of Scottish fishing catches last year rose by 1% despite a 4% drop in the amount caught. New figures, published on Thursday by the Scottish Government, show the value of all fish landed in Scotland stood at £574m from 446,000 tonnes caught. The increased value of cod and monkish helped contribute to the change. Fisheries secretary Fergus Ewing welcomed the statistics. >click to read<  10:06