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NOAA to vet buyers, Carlos Rafael divesting fleet as part of civil settlement, serving time in criminal case

Charles Green, the acting chief of the enforcement section of NOAA’s office of general counsel, told the New England Fishery Management Council that Rafael has closed on three vessels and their associated permits. The enforcement section of the agency’s general counsel’s office negotiated the final settlement with the fishing mogul, once known as the Codfather, in the civil case brought by NOAA,,, As part of the settlement that resolved all civil charges, Rafael agreed to a full divestiture of all vessels and associated permits, $3.3 million in civil penalties and a lifetime ban,,, >click to read< 21:24

4 fishermen rescued off Newfoundland’s south coast after abandoning boat

Four fishermen were rescued early Monday morning near St-Pierre-Miquelon after their boat began taking on water. According to a release from the Canadian Armed Forces, the St. John’s Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre received a distress call around 1:27 a.m. Monday from the FV Lawn Bay Pride. Communications were lost, but the vessel’s EPIRB,,, >click to read<  18:04

B.C. salmon fishing industry ask feds to provide disaster relief

The commercial fishing industry in British Columbia is in turmoil.,,,“British Colombia’s coastal salmon fishery is experiencing a disaster,” said Gavin McGarrigle, regional director of Unifor Western. “It’s hard to overstate the importance of the salmon run to local economies up and down B.C.’s coast.” He added: “There is an industry wide consensus about both the degree of the disaster and the urgent need to help workers and communities impacted by the collapse of the 2019 salmon run.”  >click to read<  16:43

Vessel lost at mouth of Coos River belonged to Joshua Porter, victim of Mary B II tragedy

The commercial fishing boat lost on the rocks near the entrance to the Coos River this weekend belonged to the late Joshua Porter, the Oregon man who died along with two others in the Mary B II tragedy off Newport in January. The Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued two men from the jetty early Sunday morning.,,, “This is completely devastating for Josh’s loved ones,” the group said. “Newport Fishermen’s Wives are sending all of our love and sympathy to Josh’s wife Denise, his children, family and friends.” >click to read<  >click for other reports< 16:13

Gov. Baker Crocodile Tears For Fishing Industry Vs Turbines

In October of 2014 during a pre-election debate now Governor Charlie Baker was asked about the last time he cried. Charlie spoke about a talk he had with a New Bedford fisherman who had asked his two sons to become fishermen, forcing them to give up several scholarships to college. Governor Baker stopped a couple of times during the speech with his eyes swelling with tears. Governor Baker inaugurated on January 8, 2015, as the 72nd Governor of Massachusetts admitted the fishermen story came from a 2009 meeting with fishermen in New Bedford and was a favorite vote-getter ever since. >click to read< 14:03

Gulf Coast seafood industry slammed by freshwater from floods, states requesting federal fishery disaster funding

The governors of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama asked months ago for U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to declare a fisheries disaster, a designation needed to secure federal grants for those whose livelihoods were affected in the Gulf region’s vital seafood industry. Alabama canceled its oyster season. It will be months before all the figures are in and the analysis completed to tell which Louisiana fisheries qualify, said Patrick Banks, assistant secretary for fisheries in the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. >click to read<  12:47

UK fishermen furious at quota madness demand hard Brexit: ‘France don’t give away wine!’

Simon Collins, executive officer of the Shetland Fishermen’s Association, said those he represents are “not impressed” by the Government’s handling of Brexit and any further delay to the UK’s exit from the bloc would not be welcomed on the islands.  Mr Collins said Shetlanders are sick and tired of watching foreign boats sail into their waters and leave loaded with fish due to “unfair quotas” set by European officials. “The UK sits in the most productive seas in the EU but we don’t reap the benefits. >click to read<  11:34

Shrinking the Gulf Coast dead zone part 1: Downriver, part 2: Upriver

The Ace of Trade shrimp trawler motored toward Dean Blanchard’s dock early this summer and winched its nets into storage. Blanchard’s workers, strengthened by a lifetime at sea worked shirtless in the humid summer air. It was the beginning of hurricane season, and so far 2019 had been the wettest year in U.S. history. Blanchard has been in business for 37 years, and is one of the largest shrimp suppliers in America, distributing off the barrier island of Grand Isle in the Mississippi River Delta. >Click to read part one<   >click to read part two<  11:00

Celebrating 100 years of canning salmon

Greg Smith’s father always told him one thing: Whatever you do, don’t get into the fishing industry. Like any self-respecting teenager, Smith didn’t listen. He grew up slinging salmon alongside his father, who worked in fisheries up and down the west coast, and his grandfather, who ran the Kildonan fish processing plant. Now vice-president of business development for Gold Seal, a B.C. brand celebrating its 100th anniversary, Smith vividly remembers his youth working “the slime line” in B.C.’s canneries. >click to read<  09:56