Daily Archives: September 29, 2019

Critics say federal government is wiping out commercial pink salmon fisheries

In emails obtained by the BC Wildlife Federation, British Columbia government staff and scientists say Fisheries and Oceans Canada is burying science and misrepresenting a crisis situation to the public, risking extinction of Thompson-Chilcotin steelhead trout. In the fall of 2017, only an estimated 150 Thompson fish returned alongside just 77 to the Chilcotin down from thousands just a decade and a half ago. The email chain shows the DFO changed the wording of a public scientific document that is based on peer reviewed science. >click to read<  18:40

North Pacific Fishery Management Council will meet in Homer, Alaska, September 30 – October 9, 2019

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will meet September 30 – October 9, 2019, at the Land’s End in Homer, Alaska.  Read the Agenda > click here<,  Read the schedule >click here< To listen online, (link is missing, will be updated)>click here< while the meeting is in session. 15:46

Manx scallop fishermen told to diversify fishing fleet for prawns, squid or white fish

Queen scallop fishermen are being invited to apply for grants to diversify into fishing for prawns, squid or white fish. The move comes as the island’s scallop industry comes under pressure over declining stocks. Major cuts in catch quotas were announced at the beginning of the queenie season in July and then all areas of the fishery except East Douglas were closed to allow stocks to recover. Now island queen scallop fishermen are invited to make grant applications to enable fisheries diversification. >click to read<  11:56

Sen. Murkowski is right: The Army Corps needs to bring science back to Pebble permitting

“If a mine cannot stand on its own without negative impact to the fisheries resource, then that mine should not be permitted.” – Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sept. 18, 2019. That statement, delivered during Bristol Bay Native Corporation’s annual salmon celebration in Washington, D.C., quickly travelled from the U.S. Capitol all the way back to Bristol Bay, where many of our organizations have been working to expose the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers inadequate environmental review process for Pebble. >click to read<  10:40

Oregon looks at ocean acidification, hypoxia threats to marine life

The Oregon Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Action Plan outlines actions the state will take to adapt to and mitigate impacts. The plan, requested last year by Gov. Kate Brown and adopted in August, will serve as a roadmap for the next six years. “Ocean acidification and hypoxia threaten not just our commercial fisheries in Oregon, but our entire coastal way of life,” Gov. Brown said. >click to read< 09:16

Truro lobsterman says rules to protect right whales costly to his business

Cheryl Souza is ending her lobster sales after October. But third-generation lobsterman Billy Souza, as it turns out, is considering quitting as well. “It’s all the whale issues,” Souza said. Unlike the lobstering in the days of Souza’s grandfather, Frank Souza, and his father, William Souza, the current generation fishing off Cape Cod is under an intense and unique scrutiny..,, “The whales could get entangled anywhere in the world, but there’s so many eyes on them here it looks like we’re the bad guys and we’re not.” >click to read< 07:38