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Be ready! Electronics for Man Overboard Alert

Prudent seamanship and vigilance play vital roles in preventing and ­responding to man-overboard (MOB) situations. Today, there are also marine electronic products and systems from brands such as ACR Electronics, McMurdo and Ocean Signal that augment precautions, speed rescues, and help avoid tragic consequences.,, All of these systems include the use of compact, wearable devices. Many are designed to ­attach to a life jacket or article of clothing. Some are manual, and others have automatic triggers that include water immersion, increased boat distance, and inflatable-life-jacket activation. >click to read< 12:21

Video: New Hampshire fishing fleet seeking support from 2020 Democrats feel they’re being ignored!

Fishermen feel their concerns have been ignored by candidates. Video,  >click to watch< 11:10

Cuomo’s Curse: New York Governor’s $47,000,000,000 Wind & Solar Boondoggle

A decade from now, New Yorkers will rue the day that Andrew Cuomo determined to run their state on chaotically intermittent wind and solar. Like everywhere else that’s attempted to run on sunshine and breezes, New York’s power prices are bound to rocket out of control and its enviable grid reliability will soon become a thing of the past. ,, One of the recently awarded off-shore wind project proposes to use 10.2 MW turbines and that means that 1,604 wind turbines >click to read< 09:49

F/V Scandies Rose: Efforts underway to locate sunken crab boat

Gerry Cobban Knagin lost her brother Gary Cobban Jr., the skipper and partial owner of the vessel, and her nephew, Gary’s son, David. Knagin said the tug Endurance from Paradigm Marine will head Feb. 9 to the area near Sutwick Island. A salvage crew will use sonar to pinpoint where the boat went down and send a remotely operated vehicle and divers to take pictures. It’s both exciting and emotional news for Knagin. Video, >click to read< 08:19

  Tugboat sets off to investigate sinking of Scandies Rose – The tugboat Endurance set off from Kodiak Sunday morning to locate and document the wreckage of the Scandies Rose,,, >click to read< 13:08

Seattle memorial held for crew member lost in sinking of F/V Scandies Rose

Tony Ganacias introduced his son to the sea when he was working at a cannery near Cold Bay in Alaska, and bought him his first boat at age 17. That was it, Ganacias said. From then on for Arthur it was nothing but boats and fishing and cars, including his beloved 1971 Dodge Charger. On Saturday afternoon, Arthur Ganacias, known to most everyone as “Art,” was remembered by his father and other family and friends just a little more than a month after he and four other crew were lost when the Scandies Rose went down in 20-foot seas in the Gulf of Alaska. Ganacias, 50, was the boat’s engineer. photo gallery >click to read< 06:44