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Following a declaration of emergency, Port of Coos Bay moves forward with Charleston Ice Plant project

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay has been pursuing solutions to provide commercial grade flake ice to the fishing fleet following the fire at the ice plant in late December 2019. “Staff explored options to lease equipment for short-term relief while a long-term solution was pursued. Unfortunately, leasing equipment is not an option as the units necessary to produce the type of ice required by the fleet are only available for purchase,” the release said. Photos,  >click to read< 18:04

Coast Guard hoists 4 fishermen after vessel runs aground near Shackelford Banks, North Carolina

The Coast Guard rescued four men after their 78-foot fishing vessel ran aground near Shackelford Banks, North Carolina, Friday morning. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector North Carolina’s command center received a radio distress call at approximately 3:30 a.m from a crewmember aboard the vessel Tamara Alane, who reported that they had become disabled due to fuel issues, then ran aground and began taking on water. Video, >click to read/watch< 14:50

Maine Lobstering Union that’s suing its former CEO, hires a new management team

A lobster fishing cooperative that is suing its former CEO in federal court has hired two people to round out its new management team. Lobster 207 LLC, also known as the Maine Lobstering Union, has appointed Carmen Look as its chief financial officer and Brian Hemingway as its director of business development, the organization said Thursday.,,, The cooperative is alleging in a lawsuit that Pettegrow and his parents defrauded and stole from the union after selling it their wholesale lobster business for $4 million in 2017. The lawsuit pending in U.S. District Court in Bangor. >click to read< 12:39

Fishing boat runs aground on the Tyne – Updated: Towed to Safety

A fishing boat which ran aground heading out of the Tyne has had to wait for high tide to be rescued. UPDATE: Fishing boat stranded on the Tyne after running aground towed to safety>click to read< The Tynemouth RNLI lifeboats were launched early on Friday after a fishing vessel ran aground on the Black Middens, hazardous rocks inside the Tyne harbour. The skipper of the 20m, 163-tonne vessel radioed for assistance after experiencing a gearbox failure while sailing out of the harbour, leaving him unable to avoid the rocks. >click to read here< ,,, and >here< 11:26

Michigan House Bills Ban Commercial Perch Fishing on Great Lakes

Lakon Williams of the Bay Port Fish Co. expressed her concern. The company nets whitefish and perch in Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. “I knew that that was going to happen, unfortunately we’ve been trying since the summertime to get through to the House of Representatives that this isn’t what we want and this isn’t what we need, and that this will put us out of business. It’s just kind of fallen on deaf ears,” she said. Video, >click to read< 10:16

Captain Titus: Canadian fisherman’s Twitter tweets a rare glimpse of a hard life in the North Atlantic

From the outset, the captain’s social media strategy has been to post photos and see what happens. What has happened, in the eight years since his first tweet, is a master Canadian mariner has offered a rare, real-time glimpse into what life is like, say, in the dead of winter on a boat in mountainous seas several hundred kilometres off the coast of Labrador. Or what it is like to be bumping through the ice between Baffin Island and Greenland aboard the Mersey Phoenix, a 70-metre vessel with 30 crew and a quarry, Pandalus borealis/  photos, >click to read<  visit https://twitter.com/shrimpfisherman 08:05

When F/V Scandies Rose sunk west of Kodiak, he survived. Now he’s grappling with losing his crewmates.

Dean Gribble, one of the survivors, grew up in Washington. He began salmon tendering when he was 11, and he’s spent the past 21 years crab fishing. “I was born a commercial fisherman,” said Gribble. “It’s in my blood. My dad and my family have all been in it. Other kids grew up having football or baseball players as their heroes, and I had crabbers as mine.” On New Year’s Eve, Gribble hadn’t planned to be on the Scandies Rose, which is homported in Dutch Harbor. But a crew member quit in late December, and his friend, John Lawler, asked him to fill in. >click to read< 06:55