Daily Archives: August 10, 2020

Falmouth beach closes after lobster boat spills diesel fuel

The northern beach at the Falmouth town landing is closed after a lobster boat spilled diesel fuel into the water Monday morning. According to the Department of Environmental Protection, a local lobsterman had beached the boat on purpose to do maintenance. When the tide came up, the boat didn’t. When the tide went back down, the boat tipped over and spilled the fuel. photo’s, >click to read< 15:08

Researchers find chemical toxins from personal care products in stranded N.C. and Fla. dolphins and whales

A group of Florida researchers have discovered chemical toxins used in some personal care products in stranded dolphins and whales. The study, led by Florida Atlantic University (FAU), examined five toxicants in blubber tissues of 83 dolphins and whales in North Carolina and Florida from 2012 to 2018. This included triclosan,,, “When dolphins and whales eat fish with concentrations of the chemicals, the toxic elements enter their bodies. “Dolphins eat a variety of fish and shrimp in these marine environments and so do humans.” >click to read< 13:00

UBC study: Women are key to fisheries, so why don’t they get credit?

Most summer mornings, Jessica Taylor awakens before dawn and puts coffee to boil, the rich steam an alarm clock for her predominantly male crewmates. The Sointula-based, sixth-generation fish harvester’s subtle opening to another day fishing is vital for the crew’s mental well-being and successful catch, yet beyond the boat, it will often go unnoticed in official fisheries data. So will Taylor’s role as a female fisher. That’s a global trend, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia, and one they valued to be at least $7.4 billion ($5.6 billion US) a year globally. The study is the first to estimate the dollar value women contribute to fisheries. >click to read< 11:58

A Decade old interview with a Maine Lobsterman

Now you’re probably asking yourself why you’d want to watch an interview that is more than 10 years old of a Maine lobsterman. And my best answer? Nostalgia. The video is by a channel called Organic Nation and was posted on their page back in October of 2009. So, technically, this video is actually more than a decade old. The video was shot at the Common Ground Fair and features a Maine lobsterman named Ty Babb. He is, or at least was at the time, a Maine fisherman from Tenants Harbor. >click to read< 10:21