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Iconic shrimp boat removed from Myrtle Beach

Work to remove a shrimp trawler from the beach after it had washed ashore due to Hurricane Ian, spanned several hours with hundreds of beach goers watching and cheering along. The Shayna Michelle, a shrimp trawler from Holden Beach, North Carolina was beached near Williams Street and Ocean Boulevard after an engine failure caused the boat to be stranded near Myrtle Beach right before Hurricane Ian arrived. A crowd of onlookers cheered when the trawler finally got off the sand some, but the process was slow to wiggle the vessel off the beach. Video, >click to read< 16:05

TIMELAPSE: Shrimp boat beached during Ian freed from Myrtle Beach shoreline>click to watch<

Future-Proofed Trawler for Hvide Sande

Taking delivery of a new trawler capable of alternating shrimping and targeting flatfish, Hvide Sande fisherman Torben Johansen remains optimisti, but he has few kind words for the current crop of politicians and what he sees as a long list of unfulfilled promises. The back story is that six years ago he ordered a new trawler, Mikkel Louise, to be built at Vestværft. The handover took place in 2020, just as the Covid pandemic hit and although the trawler fished well, the crash in the restaurant sector meant that sales of shrimp and whitefish ground to a standstill. The upshot was that Mikkel Louise was sold to Dutch owners, and Torben Johansen placed an order for a smaller trawler at the same yard. Photos, >click to read< 12:10

Maine Lobster Union Points the Way for Organizing Gig Economy Workers

Lobstering is an inherently individualistic pursuit. Most boats are crewed by just two or three people, and some captains go it alone. They leave harbor before dawn, spend the day hauling traps up from the seafloor, then motor back to the dock to sell the creatures for the best price they can get. It’s hard work that draws rugged, self-reliant people, in other words, not your typical union members. That’s what makes Local 207, the only lobstering union in the US so unusual. The decade-old group in Maine represents about 200 lobstermen. The union more often referred to as “Lobster 207”, got its start after a crash in prices 10 years ago. >Video, click to read< 11:05

What Happened to Tony Lara from Deadliest Catch?

The Cornelia Marie was one of the first ships featured on Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch.” According to The Gazette Review, the ship was built in Alabama in 1989 and named after the wife of the original owner, Ralph Collins. Collins and his wife eventually divorced, and Cornelia Marie herself took ownership of the ship before selling part of her share to Phil Harris, who was the captain of the ship when the series started. According to The New York Times, Harris suffered a stroke on his boat in January of 2010 and died just a few days later. Lara was introduced in Season 7 episode “Sea Change” when Josh Harris brought Lara in to replace his late father. >click to read< 09:54

Save Right Whales from Radical Environmentalists Who Exploit Them

Americans agree with protecting the endangered Northern Atlantic right whale. But true conservation efforts don’t necessitate displacing lobstermen and recreational anglers in the process. With fewer than 350 whales left, ambulance-chasing opportunists masquerading as conservationists conveniently swoop in on the whale’s behalf only to leave economic —and environmental—destruction in their paths. This endangered whale requires protection from radical environmentalists who exploit them. Preservationists purporting to care about its well-being, however, distort the threats posed to the whales. >click to read< 08:06