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Minister should continue proportionate quota sharing approach with northern shrimp

An anticipated decrease in northern shrimp quotas in key shrimp fishing areas off Newfoundland and Labrador this year should result in the same proportionate quota sharing approach established last year, says the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers (CAPP). “Nobody likes to see a reduction in their quota, but in an area where the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) needs to be reduced, it is important that all fishers share these reductions in proportion to their share of the fishing quotas.” A major Northern Shrimp Advisory committee meeting is being held in Montreal today. >click to read<16:40

Year-round harvesters offer up option to N.L. shrimp plants

The Canadian Association of Prawn Producers (CAPP) says it can help supply shrimp to plants in this province hurt by recent quota cuts. “Canada’s year-round shrimp harvesters would welcome supplying whole, frozen-at-sea shrimp for cooking and peeling by shore-based shrimp processing plants in NL,” CAPP executive director Bruce Chapman said in a news release Tuesday. Much of the shrimp caught by the year-round shrimp harvesters is unavailable. The larger shrimp is packed for use in sushi and sashimi restaurants in Japan, the release states, while the medium-sized shrimp that is cooked and packaged on board goes to Scandinavia and Asia. A portion of the catch, however, consists of small size whole shrimp that is sold to shore-based cooking and peeling operations. click here to read the story 16:41

Newfoundland and Labrador: Fishing — by the numbers

fishing by the numbersIt can make your eyes glaze over, I’ll grant you that. And if you’re not emotionally or financially tied to the argument that’s being hotly debated in the public forum, you probably have tuned out. So it is with the current, ongoing spat over northern shrimp. It’s the case of the duelling reports; with the Fish Food and Allied Workers on the one hand arguing the social and economic benefits of the inshore fishery, and the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers and their factor freezer trawlers on the other, with numbers to argue that they, too, employ local people and support the local economy. Both have statistics to support their cause. Both say the reports being used by their other side are flawed. Read the article here 09:38

FFAW, offshore shrimp fleet at odds, as LIFO raises its ugly head

2016-02-25-07-43-07-TEL-XXX-26022016-ShrimpDebate-SUBWith word of a severe drop in shrimp stock in the prime fishing grounds off southern Labrador, the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union (FFAW-Unifor) is asking for an immediate halt on shrimping in the area. But the FFAW represents inshore fleet and island processors, rather than the factory-freezer operations of the offshore fleet. And the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers, speaking for the larger-vessel operations, said Thursday the FFAW’s cries are an inappropriate reaction, while their reasoning is misleading. Read the rest here 08:40