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Mike Mason, longtime voice of Bristol Bay, leaving KDLG

Mike MasonAfter six years on the job, Mike Mason will leave his post as news director at KDLG Public Radio this month. Mason, whose balanced reporting and distinct deep voice have been a daily fixture in Bristol Bay, has been hired as the press secretary for the Alaska House Minority. He and his partner Celeste Novak will move to Anchorage later this month. Read the rest here 17:07

The Sockeye Run to Bristol Bay has Exceeded 30-Million

Commercial fishermen continue to harvest huge amounts of sockeye as the total run to Bristol Bay has exceeded 30-million. Monday’s sockeye harvest was just over 1-million sockeye. That pushes the season total to over 21.1-million. The district that is way out front in regards to,, Read more here 09:33

The Sockeye are Moving in the Egegik and Naknek-Kvichak Districts

The sockeye are starting to move in Bristol Bay as fishermen are getting increasing amounts of fishing time. KDLG’s Mike Mason has this report about how things are looking in the eastside districts. Listen to it here 11:22

The Bristol Bay Run Summary For Sunday Shows No Harvest and Slowly Building Escapement

Commercial fishermen across Bristol Bay are waiting on fish and fishing time as the sockeye run appears to be building slowly. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s run summary for Sunday does not note any commercial harvest on Sunday despite the fact,,,Read more here  19:06

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for June 13, 2014

Friday’s Bristol Bay Fisheries Report includes reports about the ongoing Port Moller Test Fishery, the recent BB-RSDA Annual Meeting, and a new film about Bristol Bay’s commercial salmon fishery.  The report also includes an update on how things look in the eastside districts. Listen to the report by Mike Mason  11:59

Togiak Herring Update: Herring Harvested Tuesday and Wednesday

Fishermen participating in the ongoing Togiak sac-roe herring fishery have finally started harvesting herring. KDLG’s Mike Mason has this update. here  21:40

Boundary Line Confusion in Bristol Bay

Commercial fishing vessels in Bristol Bay have different requirements to meet depending on whether or not they are used inside or outside of a particular line on the map. The so-called “Boundary Line” can be confusing to fishermen. KDLG’s Mike Mason spoke with the Coast Guard to clear up the confusion.By Mike Mason  kdlg  Listen to the report here  21:29

The 2014 Togiak Sac Roe Herring Fishery Opens Up Sunday Night at 6

The largest herring fishery in Alaska opens up Sunday night but serious fishing could be on hold for a day or 2. The Togiak sac-roe herring fishery will open at 6-pm after biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game spotted enough herring in the district to warrant a commercial fishery.  kdlg  Read more here  20:31

UAF, Alaska Sea Grant, and AMCC to Study the “Graying of the Fleet”

A multi-year research project is underway in Alaska to identify the barriers facing young people who want to create successful commercial fishing businesses. KDLG’s Mike Mason tells the story. 15:27

The Value of Bristol Bay Driftnet Permits Continues to Climb

The value of Bristol Bay driftnet permits continues to increase with lots of transactions as fishermen prepare for this summer’s sockeye fishery in the Bay. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story. Listen 15:54

“Alaska Salmon Now” Calls on Wal-Mart To Make A Decison About Sustainability Certifications

MSC-LogoA small organization made up primarily of commercial fishermen and consumers is pressing Wal-Mart to make a decision about stocking products made with salmon from Alaska. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story. Listen @kdlg  11:28

Senator Murkowski Calls on Walmart to Carry Products Made with Salmon from Alaska

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski is continuing to lobby the largest retailer on earth to carry products made with salmon from Alaska. On Wednesday Senator Lisa Murkowski sent a letter to the incoming CEO of Walmart outlining her concerns with the current purchasing practices of Walmart in regards to salmon from Alaska. more@kdlg  14:53

The United Fishermen of Alaska has updated their “Community Fishing Fact Sheets”

The fact sheets cover specific areas that are generally either municipalities or census areas. The updated community fact sheets cover 27 area of Alaska and something new for this year is a fact sheet for the State of Washington.     more@kdlg  16:39

Traditional Knowledge in the “Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment”

radio-microphoneThe final version of the EPA’a “Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment” will likely be released in the next couple of months. One part of the assessment looks at the importance of salmon in the culture and everyday life of the native people of Bristol Bay. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story. listen here  13:56

Bristol Bay Driftnet Permits Currently Valued at over $117-Thousand Dollars

The value of Bristol Bay driftnet permits continues to increase. The value placed on those permits by the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission jumped up over $14-thousand dollars to $117.2-thousand dollars. That’s compared to the $102.9-thousand dollars value recorded back in October. The November figure of $117.2-thousand dollars is the largest value for Bristol Bay driftnet permits in over a year. Listen @kdlg  23:04

University of Washington Releases the 2014 Bristol Bay Sockeye Forecast

radio-microphoneThis year’s sockeye salmon run to Bristol Bay came in at 23-million fish. Next year’s run could potentially be significantly larger according to a forecast that was released last week. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details. more@kdlg 14:35

More and More Non-Residents Hold Fishing Permits in Alaska

A new report indicates that more and more non-residents hold commercial fishing permits in Alaska. Limited entry permits are needed to fish in 65 commercial fisheries in Alaska and there are 79-different kinds of permits that cover different gear types. Currently there are over 16.5-thousand permits issued in Alaska. more@kdlg 10:48

Bearing Sea Crab Fishermen and processors had their IFQ permits in hand by the close of business Thursday.

Several crab fisheries in the Bering Sea are open as federal regulators were successful in getting fishermen their IFQ permits so they can drop pots. The end of the federal government shutdown on Thursday proved very timely for crab fishermen who were unable during the shutdown to get their IFQ permits. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski issued a statement Friday thanking the National Marine Fisheries Service for processing and faxing out all the permits needed on Thursday. Murkowski confirms that all the fishermen and processors had their permits in hand by the close of business Thursday. more@kdlg  19:52

The “Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment” Discussed During Congressional Oversight Hearing – audio

radio-microphoneMany of the recent policy and enforcement efforts of the Environmental Protection Agency came under fire Thursday during an oversight hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives. Much of the hearing was focused on the EPA’s “Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment”. KDLG’s Mike Mason listened in and filed this report, which is part 1 of a 2 part series. more@kdlg 10:15

Snow Crab Quota Down 19% Compared to Last Year

The total allowable catch for the Bering Sea Snow Crab fishery is over 53.9-million pounds. more@kdlg 08:54

A Large Increase in Assets for BBEDC – Mike Mason

radio-microphone2012 was good year for the community development quota organization for the Bristol Bay region according to the just released annual report. KDLG’s Mike Mason looked it over for this story. listen@kdlg 21:19

Changes Coming Tuesday to the Marine Weather Forecasts for Southwest Alaska – audio

radio-microphoneThe National Weather Service is rolling out some significant changes to the marine weather forecast for the Bristol Bay region. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details @kdlg 20:30

No Impacts Expected to Next Year’s Fishery from the Sinking of the Lone Star

radio-microphoneFor the next several day’s a group of salvage experts will try once again to raise the sunken tender Lone Star from the bottom of the Igushik River. The impact of the sinking on the local commercial salmon fishery was outlined this week during a meeting in Dillingham. KDLG’s Mike Mason was there and filed this report. listen@kdlg 09:23

Fish and Game Provides an Overview of This Year’s Sockeye Fishery in the Nushagak District

radio-microphoneThe man who makes the day to day management decisions for the commercial salmon fisheries in the Nushagak District provided a brief season summary during a meeting earlier this week in Dillingham. KDLG’s Mike Mason was there and filed this report.KDLG’s Mike Mason more@kdlg23:15

Copper River Seafood’s Withdraws Support for MSC

radio-microphoneAnother large seafood processor has withdrawn support for the effort to get Alaska’s commercially caught salmon recertified by the Marine Stewardship Council. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details. 23:56

A New Report Documents the Economic Value of the Alaska Seafood Industry By Mike Mason

radio-microphoneThe value of the seafood from Alaska in 2011 was well over $6-billion dollars according to a new report from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. The report is titled the “Economic Value of the Alaska Seafood Industry” and it was prepared for ASMI by the McDowell Group. more@kdlg  20:28

Most of the Economic Benefits of the Bristol Bay Sockeye Fishery go to Alaska and Washington

radio-microphoneA report that was released back in May shows that the economic impact of the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon fishery extends across the country with most of the money flowing into Alaska and Washington state. KDLG’s Mike Mason recently spoke with one of the report’s co-authors for this story. listen@kdlg

The Recovery Plan for the Sunken Fishing Tender Lone Star Includes Towing the Vessel to Dutch Harbor

The large fishing tender that sank in late June in the mouth of a major sockeye producing river in Bristol Bay is still leakingradio-microphone fuel as responders attempt to get the last of the fuel off the vessel. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details. listen@kdlg

Draft MSC Recertification Report Released… Public Comment Period is Open

radio-microphoneThe effort to get Alaska’s commercially caught salmon recertified under the Marine Stewardship Council’s label of sustainability took a major step forward Wednesday with the release of a draft report. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for July 27 and 28 with Mike Mason

radio-microphoneThe Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for July 27th and 28th includes several stories that were not included in the Fisheries Report aired on Friday. listen@kdlg