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As fishing industry becomes more lucrative, there’s increased demand for licences, vessels in Nova Scotia

New data from the Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture Loan Board shows Nova Scotia fishermen are taking out bigger loans to get into the lucrative lobster fishery.,, Brett Nickerson, a 27-year-old lobster fisherman from Cape Sable Island, used money from the loan board to get into the fishery. “I decided if I keep waiting and twiddling my thumbs, then I’m just gonna get older and end up doing it later in life,” he said aboard his boat, Miss Mackenzie, in Port La Tour, Shelburne County. >click to read< 08:00

Sambro firm sues boat builder over new vessel

A Sambro company is suing a Shelburne County boat builder and provincial and federal authorities over alleged problems with a new fishing boat. Reyno Fisheries Ltd. launched the action in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax on Thursday against Dixon’s Marine Group 2000 Inc. of Lower Woods Harbour for breach of contract and negligence. The province and the federal government are also named in the lawsuit. Read more here 09:33