Ex-Bumble Bee CEO gets prison term in Tuna Price fixing scheme. The real dirt is in this Press Release!

Former Bumble Bee Foods Chief Executive Chris Lischewski was sentenced to more than three years in prison for his role in a price-fixing racket, a rare outcome in a U.S. antitrust crackdown. In December, Lischewski was found guilty by a San Francisco federal jury of conspiring with colleagues and other industry executives to manipulate canned tuna prices, capping a marathon U.S. investigation that shook the packaged seafood industry and ultimately forced Bumble Bee into bankruptcy. >click to read< 08:54

  IWMC Press Release – The story behind this one-billion-dollar price fixing scandal, the biggest and most outrageous industrial subterfuge since Enron, is complex. It involves a web of opportunism and mixed agendas. And what still needs to be exposed is the role of NGOs in facilitating this mega crime. ISSF lives on even though three of its corporate founders, StarKist, Bumble Bee Sea Foods and Chicken of the Sea, have been found guilty of conspiring to cheat American consumers out of the benefits of competition. ,,The love-in between Bumble Bee and WWF came at a high price. In return for putting a halo around Bumble’s tuna tins in the United States, WWF charged 13 cents per can. From this reputation for cash swap, WWF expected to raise USD one million per year. >click to read<

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