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Super Bait

Fishing-Physics--300x300A new type of bait is changing the game for anglers and commercial fishermen alike. Fishing Physics holds the patent to the new super bait, and there is nothing else like it. This eco friendly fish bait… made out of a special hydro gel is a better fish attractant, reusable, and cost effective.  A handful of commercial boats are trying out the bait right now. Perry says fishermen are doing a comparison of live bait to theirs. Audio, Read the rest here  15:55 

A New Fisheries Supervisor for Alaska’s Westward Region

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522There’s a new man at the helm of fisheries management for Alaska’s Westward region. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game recently named long time fisheries biologist Nick Sagalkin Regional Supervisor. Listen Read the rest here 20:45

Abandon(ed) Pots Can be a Killer

Dive into Women’s Bay, an inlet located on the island of Kodiak and you will find a graveyard of lost or abandoned crab pots or as NOAA’s diving biologist Pete Cummiskey likes to call “Ghost Pots.” “King crab love structure, and that is one of the reasons I think that ghost fishing hits king crab harder then tanner crab; because king crab like to crawl on things and pile up against things. So king crab are a little more vulnerable  in that way.” Listen, and read more here 16:10

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. – Southeast Alaska and Kodiak Dive for Dollars

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Diving for sea cucumbers, geoduck clams, and sea urchins is. Southeast holds the title for the biggest dive fisheries in Alaska. Around 70 divers have been searching the bottom of the ocean for sea cumbers since opening day on October 1st. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s dive fisheries Stock Assessment Leader Mike Donnellan in Juneau gives us the scoop. Listen, and read the rest here 16:45

Sean O’Brien is the Global Director for Xtratuf. He says that the boots are better than ever.

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Improving the Tuf in Xtratuf. Sean O’Brien  says that the boots are better than ever. “We addressed all of the concerns and actually made the boots better. We upgraded our materials and really upgraded processes to make sure there were no errors.” Listen, and read the rest here 17:20:14

North Carolina Beginnings: Community Supported Fisheries from Coast to Coast

Buying local is a trend that has really taken off, and from coast to coast people are making sure that it applies to fish.  The idea started on the east coast and has been embraced by many Alaska communities from Sitka, to Juneau and Kodiak.  The marketing concept is called community supported fisheries. Listen, and read more here 12:27

“The Deadly Winch.” A Kit to Prevent Injuries and Fatalities On Deck.

Yet another Fisherman’s limb was nearly ripped off by one of the deadliest pieces of equipment on deck.  Last week in Kodiak a man’s leg was severely damaged and his foot was crushed when it was sucked up into the winch. Read the rest here 19:43

Alaska Salmon Fish Skins are a Work of Art

I’m Stephanie Mangini. Her teachings and passion is Alaska. It was September 4th 2002 when Audrey Armstrong was mesmerized by a king salmon she had caught. From that day on she has turned salmon skins into beautiful pieces of art.   Read more here  14:31

Fisher or fisherman? What do Kodiak harvesters prefer?

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Is the word fisherman gender biased?  Since the beginning of time the word fisherman has been used to describe a person who captures fish and other animals from a body of water. Fish Radio asked fishing men and women of Kodiak what they thought of the more gender neutral name change. Listen, and read more here 16:21

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Reality TV brings Alaska’s toughest longline fishermen to Greenland.

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522A new pilot featuring Alaska fisherman will take them half way across the world to the iceberg filled waters of Greenland. A recent ad in the local paper is seeking the best and bravest halibut longliners, stating “Crybabies need not apply.” “We are looking for Alaska halibut fisherman that have braved the waters of Alaska and are looking for the next great challenge.” Listen, and read more here 19:22

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Sitka Herring prices could hurt the haul. Sitka’s Seiners Deliver Big, But at What Price?

As of Friday Sitka’s sac roe herring fishery  had just under 3 thousand tons left to deliver. Seiners have had no problem catching the nice 16,000 ton haul this year. The quick season has been  a good one with good quality fish and excellent roe counts.  The big  problem fishermen are facing is the roe market itself. Listen, and read more here  16:06

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. 25 years ago oil invaded Alaskas coastline… Today Kodiak remembers.

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522“Our emerald isle with its  hundreds of miles of coast line is being blackened. Our livelihood  and environment is being threatened.  Our wildlife is being destroyed. Our surrounding waters and hard work have made Kodiak the largest fishing port in the nation there needs to be a huge effort to clean it up. This community lives by fish and our salmon fishing is about to start. Exxon needs to demonstrate an attitude that excludes and affinity for our environment a love for our land and sea, and respect for Alaskan citizens.” Listen, and read more here  16:26

Jig pollock test fishery opens next week – This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. A big Opportunity for a smaller fishing fleet.

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Jig fishermen around Kodiak will be targeting two ground fish species this season, when the state water pacific cod fishery opens this week. Jiggers are now  allowed to deliver pollock along with cod for the first time in the state season.  Jigging for pollock has been open before in federal waters but with little to no effort. Read more here  19:32

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini – Winter fisheries are moving into spring. Tons of fishing updates after this

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Saturday March 8th is opening day for halibut, state wide. Alaska’s total harvest this year is roughly 20 million pounds. Sablefish is opening as well. In the Gulf – State water cod will be,,Listen, and read more here  19:24


Salmon Bacon. It’s What’s for Breakfast! – A Breakfast Staple the Whole Family Can Enjoy

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Smoked Salmon Bacon? Who would have thought. More after this. Listen @fishradio    http://www.fredssmokedsalmon.com/  18:27

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. South-East Alaska Crab Season Tell All

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522“We have weather delay criteria in regulation for tanner and king crab fisheries in South East. If we have winds thirty-five knots or higher on the national weather service forecast the day before and the day the fisheries starts we can delay the season 24 hours.” Listen @fishradio  17:01

By-Catch Reduction is the Theme for Alaska’s Future Fisheries

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522After watching video taken inside a trawl net in 2002, behavioral differences between pollock and salmon gave scientist an idea. John Gauvin works  closely  with the trawl fleet and is a industry expert when it comes to bypath reduction. This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. By-catch reduction drives our fisheries. Listen @fishradio  18:10

A Health Care Plan That Fits Your Needs

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini – Hurry and find a health care plan that works for you. I’ll tell you how after this…   @alaskafishradio  22:20

In Alaska: A New Opener for an Old Fishery – This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini

Last year legislators re opened state waters for weather-vane scallops. It has always been a smaller fishery; looking back to the late eighties and into the early nineties under 20 boats dredged for scallops around Alaska. Listen @alaskafishradio  12:42

Celebrating Alaska Seafood

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. It’s time to celebrate seafood. I’ll tell you more after this Listen @fishradio  15:52:33

Four posts from Fish Radio

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Sen. Murkowski asks for 60 day extend for input on undersea sounds/marine mammals – Listen @fishradio

AK halibut = 19.7 million pounds; IPHC meeting round-up – Read [email protected]

AK salmon final numbers for 2013; Copper River catches for 2014  – Read [email protected]

ASMI’s Photo Contest Captures Alaska’s Commercial Fishing Family’s – Listen @fishradio  20:47

No Go On Permit Stacking for Kodiak Salmon

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Stacking permit proposals dropped. The thoughts on permit stacking between Kodiak set-netters was mixed at the Board Of Fisheries meetings last week. Around 30 set-net families wanted to re instate duel permit holding. This allows one participant to fish two permits at a time. For most it was personal, others principle, but all together controversial. Listen @fishradio  13:43

2014 Gulf P.Cod Fisheries Are Looking Up – This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Pacific cod makes up 11% of Alaska’s total fish deliveries. It marks the start of a new fishing season as it opens January 1 of each New Year. The Federal water fishery is first with a bumped up quota this year. Listen, and Read [email protected]  13:56

Kodiak’s Local Fishermen Voice Opinions For New Gulf Catch Share Plan

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.  Kodiak locals take action in new Gulf catch share plan. More after this…listen @fishradio  16:45

Three from Fish Radio

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Fish bucks benefit all Alaskan communities. I’ll tell you more after this – here

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. New year new season. 2014 Fish numbers and more after this… here

2014 AK groundfish and halibut catches, at a glance – here   18:47

The IPHC Still in need of F/V’s for Expanded Halibut Survey’s

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Halibut scientists plan to expand the yearly stock assessments by 30% next summer, adding 390 survey stations to the existing 1,300. The stations are located coast wide from Oregon to the Bering Sea. Since 1998 the halibut surveys have been done in a depth range of 20 to 275 fathoms where most of the fishing was taking place. But that’s been changing. [email protected]   17:49

Kodiak gives thanks for the fish …

Thanksgiving-fishThis is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Thankful are we to Alaska’s fisheries,,,“I am most thankful for the people I got to know on the boat and for teaching me how to work on the boat.”“The little boost in salmon prices. That’s been helpful the past couple of years.”“Good weather whenever we get it.” [email protected] 20:20

Alaska – The End of the Year Fisheries Wrap Up

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. The end of the 2013 fishing season draws near. More fisheries updates after this…listen @fishradio  17:03

Fishing for Creativity – This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Bering Sea sisters are a slimy success. More after this…   [email protected]  16:02

Electronic Monitoring Systems Need to be Fishermen Tested and Fishermen Approved – This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522It’s the fishermen who will shape Alaska’s electronic monitoring program. Fish Radio has talked about the need for volunteer boats to test out new electronic monitoring systems.  But what does the new onboard technology actually involve for fishermen?  [email protected]  19:49