Dear Ed Markey. I called your office this morning regarding our fishermen

First let me tell you who I am. I was a commercial fisherman and in seafood supply for over sixty years. I helped Pat Fiero run for state representative, and also was former Governor Mike Dukakis chairman for Cape Ann. I have severed on many fisheries boards and presently serve on the GF Commission.

You helped me get the SKG money out of NOAA’s hands by voting in favor of Senator Sullivan bill to go back to advisory panel as was in 1954. I have supported you in the past and will continue. We need help now, I am going to list our problems and would like you to come to Fisheries Meeting here in Gloucester. We meet every third Thursday of the month at City Hall .

First let me list the problems.

As NOAA sets restrictions on species of fish based solely on their survey and under law does not have to compare with other independent surveys and science. We need to add or update the Magnason Act. That would require to compare their survey and science with independent science and survey’s.

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument off Cape Cod fishing ban need to be lifted, I fish those waters back in the sixties for whiting and we fished a depth of 600 feet. The canyons go down to over 10000 feet so we could not harm and reefs or coral, and in all those years I never caught a coral.

We need these fishing grounds for squid, whiting and other warm water fish.

In closing please contact me with any questions and as to when we could meet. Please get back to me ASAP. Sam Parisi, Gloucester.

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