FISH-NL’s Platform Puts Inshore Harvesters First

  1. FISH-NL will serve as a union solely for the inshore harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  2. FISH-NL will organize regular open, transparent membership meetings so that issues such as the northern cod management plan are debated, and voted on.
  3. No benefits — including pension/medical plans — will be available to the FISH-NL executive unless available to all members.
  4. FISH-NL will not manage any commercial fishery, or hold any quotas. DFO must deal directly with inshore harvesters in assigning survey work for fisheries science.
  5. FISH-NL will oppose the federal Use of Fish program so that all inshore quotas are directed to inshore harvesters. FISH-NL will cancel the sentinel fisheries, cod quality program, and Atlantic Halibut Sustainability Plan.
  6. FISH-NL will fight for fish to be graded at the wharf.
  7. FISH-NL will make it easier for young people to get into the fishery, and for inshore harvesters to pass on fishing licenses within families.
  8. FISH-NL will demand the principle of adjacency/historical attachment be included in the federal Fisheries Act.
  9. FISH-NL will support an Atlantic Fisheries Accord (similar to the Atlantic Accord for oil and gas) to ensure Newfoundland and Labrador is the principle beneficiary of all adjacent fish stocks.
  10. FISH-NL will fight for compensation packages for any industrial developments that could negatively impact the livelihood of inshore harvesters.
  11. FISH-NL will not accept any funds from the oil and gas industry, federal and provincial governments or any entity that would put the union in a conflict of interest with representing the best interests of its members.
  12. FISH-NL will advocate for a massive reduction in the seal populations both in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and off Newfoundland’s northeast coast and Labrador.
  13. FISH-NL will fight for on-land aquaculture as opposed to at-sea, open-pen fish farming, as well as a consistent federal aquaculture policy nationwide.
  14. FISH-NL will fight for outside buyers to operate in the province on a level playing field with local processors/buyers.
  15. FISH-NL will push for the elimination of the province’s Standing Fish Price Setting Panel, and reinstate the right to strike.
  16. FISH-NL will push for a review of all rules and regulations governing the province’s inshore fishery — including vessel replacement/length policies so that they’re uniform in the Atlantic provinces/Quebec.
  17. FISH-NL will address DFO’s non-core licence policy with a vote of the membership.
  18. FISH-NL will push for a formal ice compensation program with clear rules and regulations so that harvesters understand when compensation will activate.
  19. FISH-NL will fight for federal legislation outlining that the first 115,000 tonnes of northern cod are reserved exclusively for the inshore fleet. Likewise, the first 10,000 tonnes of cod in fishing zone 3Ps must be reserved for the inshore sector.
  20. FISH-NL will fight for Canada to take custodial management of the Grand Banks to the edge of the continental shelf.
  21. FISH-NL will hold Fisheries and Oceans to account for the highest level of fisheries science on all commercial fish stocks, with complete transparency.
  22. FISH-NL will push to make rebuilding plans for commercial stocks such as cod a national priority.Call the office if you need a membership card or have any questions, 237-6300.Follow FISH-NL on facebook for videos and other updates.

    Thank you,
    Ryan Cleary
    President, FISH-NL