Its going to be up to people in the fishing industry to save our fishing industry by Sam Parisi

We ALL need to step up to the plate before this industry goes under because of absurd regulations, pandering politicians, and environmental groups.

I have reached out to my Senators and Congressman, whom have actually responded after utilizing Fisherynation to get their attention, for which I am grateful, with little success from those elected officials regarding the issues I have continuously contacted them about. As usual, they disappoint with no action.

Senator Markey did support an issue I asked him to, which was about supporting Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan’s S-K bill, which he did, and I thank him for that. I have tried to help, and tried to get help with letters to and our local paper, the Infamous Gloucester Daily Times, about the creation of the U.S. Fish Bill, that will serve the fishing industry like the U.S. Farm Bill serves the farmers.

I am reaching out as I have before to everyone involved in every facet of the commercial fishing industry, and aligned support industries of every specialized service that serves the industry to consider what, from their own perspective, they would include into a law that serves and protects the people and businesses in this industry. Its going to be up to people in the industry to decide on and implement exactly what the industry as a whole expects from industry designed and supported legislation with teeth, because the people concerned got involved, and designed it with their issues of interest included by them, because, if you think these politicians are going to do it for you, its not going to happen.

It is becoming discouraging to the point of just letting the idea go, but I just can’t because I really am concerned about the future of this industry, and the people in it because I do care, and do want to help. The fishermen I know tell me to keep fighting.

We are at a crossroad. Its time to make some decisions.

I am asking all fishermen and workers in the U.S. Fishing Industry to consider what industry changing standards they would like included in a law created by them, and for them. No one knows what affects you or your industry better than you do. Have it your way.

Same with fish processors, people working in the processing industry.

Yes. I am discouraged, but I will not give up.

Leave a comment in the comment section, and we can start and build a conversation about creating the U.S. Fish Bill.

Thank You,

Sam Parisi