Warwick, RI -RI National Committeewoman Lee Ann Sennick sponsored a Resolution Supporting the Northeast Commercial Fishing Industry at the recent Summer Meeting of the Republican National Committee. Receiving widespread support, the resolution (full text of which can be seen here, click) was passed unanimously by the 168 person body.

Sennick, who has professional ties to the industry, has formed a Republican Fisheries Coalition along with Richard Fuka, President of the RI Fisherman’s Alliance and Meghan Lapp, political liaison for Seafreeze Ltd. “Rich and Meghan reached out to the RI Republican Party because they have serious concerns for the future of the industry and the economic impact on our state. Those concerns have not been satisfactorily addressed by RI’s Democrat Congressional Delegation,” stated Sennick.

“The resolution was the culmination of our research and activism, which has included working cooperatively with the new administration, and I am encouraged by the strong show of support from my colleagues at the RNC. Our next steps will be to actively use that support to advocate for passage of H.R.200 – Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act.”

Fuka spoke to the ramifications for the industry, “Since the beginning of the Obama Administration, our nation’s oldest industry, The North East Commercial Fishing Industry, has been under siege. Businesses and lives have been destroyed, a valuable food source has all but been eliminated and the Fishermen who remain ‘battle on’ to hold on to what they have been born and raised to do, feed a nation.”

He concluded, “The Northeast Commercial Fishing Industry Resolution speaks of biblical proportions to fishermen. It identifies and speaks directly to everything that has been inflicted on this great industry. Republicans adopting this resolution is a strong start to what can truly be achieved, WE CAN MAKE COMMERCIAL FISHING GREAT AGAIN.”

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