So, let’s talk about why the assessment surveys by NOAA research vessel data is corrupt.

So, let’s talk about why the assessment surveys by NOAA research vessel data is corrupt.

The research vessel only makes computer generated tows randomly prints the tow log for the assessments to take place. The research vessel goes to those designated sights and makes 20-minute tows then on to the next tow. The fall survey lasted 66 days from start to finish. They were supposed to make 377 tows at 20 minutes a piece the vessel started in Virginia and tow logs were to be made all the way to the Gulf of Maine.

Only 308 tows were made in this 66-day assessment. 308 tows were accomplished of the 377 supposed to be towed so only 82% of the survey was completed. If you look at the tow areas, only 30 tows were made in the Gulf of Maine. Everything above the 42′ degrees 20 minutes north is the Gulf of Maine I’ve marked with the red line. So not only did they only make 82% of the assessment tows only less then 10% of the 307 tows done, were in fact the Gulf of Maine.

The tow lengths are 20 minutes. The average speed a vessel tows for speed average sakes is 3 knots so 20 minutes means the net travels the equivalent of 1 nautical mile. Here is one of many problems it takes to get a net and doors up to 20 minutes to reach bottom and fully open to get best possible catch. So dropping the doors and setting a 20-minute timer the net is pulled back in before it can even reach full catching potential. That alone is faulty assessment data right there alone.

Now like I said only 30 tows were done in the Gulf of Maine. So at 20 minutes at 3 knots each tow made it 1 nautical mile, so 30 tows is equal to 30 nautical miles total for all the Gulf of Maine tows. So, they are setting catch limits on assessments of 30 nautical miles in a 36,000 square mile region. That’s like 1/12 of 1% now how do you make a biomass and assessment call on 1/12 of 1 % data? You don’t, you can’t make an educated guess on nothing. That’s the best possible data they are allowing to make judgment calls in the gulf if Maines fish stocks.

The 54-million-dollar research boat that burns 10k or better of fuel a day burned 66 days’ worth of fuel and made only 10% of the 82% of tows for the fall survey only covering 1/12 of 1 % of the Gulf of Maine. Then making management allowable catch assessments to the fishing fleet for the following year. They want to reduce the haddock allowable catch by 80% in the Gulf of Maine and lower the allowable catch for white hake that’s right their justifying those reductions to the fleet based on 1/12 of 1% that’s not even an epiphany of a guess with so little data. So how do you even call that best available data?!!!

Their making reduction cuts based on guesses, yep guesses. You can’t even make this stuff up.

Millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money spent on a survey that’s regulating the entire New England fleets allowable catch. That type of reduction will kill the fleet with a giant economic impact along the entire seaboard. Millions of dollars of infrastructure will be lost to faulty data, and a faulty survey based on 1/12 of 1%. Now if that’s not corrupt data and mismanagement and appropriation of taxpayer money, what is?

You’ll damn the seaboard on 1/12 of 1% knowledge when the entire fishing fleet is seeing no problem with the species rebuilding process. One 10 day fishing vessel makes an average of 40 3-hour tows. That’s 120 hours of towing time equivalent to 360 nautical miles covered in one 10-day trip verses your 66-day 30 nautical mile Gulf of Maine assessment tow. Not to mention the dragger only spent 40k in expenses and covered 4 times the bottom.

You see where this is going. It’s either lack of management leadership or mishandling and purposeful corruption. Why is it that there are never any tows along the area the windmills are to be placed or along the Maine coast. Like I said talking with inshore fishermen and lobstermen they are saying their seeing these juvenile fish. Then they want to run power cables along this bottom potentially killing 60% of juvenile fish and other marine life. It’s such faulty management.

Multi Millions of taxpayer’s money being wasted inappropriately. While damning the entire New England seaboard. Someone should be held accountable for these severe mismanagement schemes. They are destroying the fishing fleet and new England’s economy and working waterfronts on assumptions. Assumptions that have no data to back up the changes being forced. They’re literally guessing. I hope you read this and share, this cannot be allowed. As always, many blessings to you all. FISH ON MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Jerry Leeman

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  1. Joel says:

    Does the term, “outcome based science” ring a bell? There is a pre determined outcome before any of these numbers are even plugged into the equation.
    They’d be better off not wasting the taxpayers money and going on these so called surveys and just throwing the same numbers on paper because this is not science. This is a scam to replace one of our nation’s best sources of protein and everything that goes with it with a scam windmill industry and who knows what else in order to get to some utopian dream that doesn’t exist.
    Whether or not you like the fossil fuel industry is irrelevant. YOU DON’T DESTROY ONE INDUSTRY (FOSSIL FUEL) UNTIL YOU ARE ABLE TO REPLY IT WITH SOMETHING THAT WORKS!
    And how many other industries and businesses are these fools willing to destroy to realize this utopian dream?
    Keep your powder dry folks, the shit is going to hit the fan.

  2. Sam Parisi says:

    So lets assume Jerry is correct, what are we going to do about it ? Under law NOAA does not have to compare their survey, or science, we need to update the Magnuson Act that would require them to compare, before placing restrictions. That is the only way to find out what is out there.Sam

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