Skyrocketing shrimp prices put squeeze on restaurants, stores

The price of shrimp has skyrocketed in the last four years, with the price for the largest shrimp increasing from $6.40 per pound in 2010 to $10.05 per pound.  Read more here  20:37

All in the ‘Deadliest Catch’ Family: Capt. Sig Hansen Explains Why His 18-Year-Old Daughter Is Joining the Northwestern Crew

Sig Hansen and his crab boat, the Northwestern, have been with “Deadliest Catch” since the beginning. His tough but caring style has made him a favorite with fans for the past nine seasons, but has also caused trouble.   Read more here     19:27

Maine Baby Lobster Decline Could End High Catches

YARMOUTH, Maine (AP) _ Scientists say the number of baby lobsters settling off the rocky coast of Maine continues to steadily decline – possibly foreshadowing an end to the recent record catches that have boosted New England’s lobster fishery. mpbn  Read more here  16:39

Morrissey, (who?) attacks Canada over seal hunt

In his own words: “Gail Shea, the Federal Fisheries Minister for Canada, says that baby seals are ‘killed humanely,’ and explains how the baby seals are shot by high-powered rifles.” (Note: A Rolling Stone piece points there that there is no record of Shea actually saying those words, although she has been quoted as supporting the seal hunt on several occasions.) Read more here  16:17

In pictures: Florida fisherman catches 805lb Mako shark then barbecues and eats it with his friends

A DETERMINED fisherman caught a record-breaking 805lb Mako shark – and then barbecued and ate it with his friends. Joey Polk, 29, and his two cousins Earnie Polk, 43, and Kenny Peterson, 21, battled the 11ft predator for more than an hour before finally hauling it onto the beach.  Read more here  16:04

60% of Japanese support whale hunt, 14% eats whale meat

The survey comes less than a month after the United Nations’ top court ruled the annual mission to the Southern Ocean by Japanese whaling vessels was a commercial hunt masquerading as science in a bid to skirt an international ban. Read more here 15:55

Fisherman’s Finest LLC Fishing Corporation Guilty of Illegal Fishing

fvusintrepid(CORDOVA, Alaska) –  Fisherman’s Finest LLC., a Washington based corporation and owner/operator of multiple commercial trawling vessels, pleaded guilty in a Cordova Court yesterday to illegal fishing with Non-Pelagic Trawl gear in state waters that were closed to the use of trawl gear. Read more here  15:23

Maine elver dealer: Season starts late with lower prices, ‘saner’ system

BDNPORTLAND, Maine — Maine’s short but lucrative elver fishing season has started slowly, by all accounts, and prices are down dramatically from the 2012 peak of more than $2,000 per pound. Read more here  15:01

The Magnuson Stevens Act and it’s Ten Year Rebuilding Timeline: Science or Fiction? By Meghan Lapp

DC-marchThe arbitrary nature of a ten year rebuilding requirement is not a new issue. No scientific basis or analysis was involved at all in choosing a period of ten years.  The requirement was a purely political decision. In fact, there are no scientific grounds for justifying any specific value as a standard for a fish stock rebuilding time.  For the past several years, scientists, fishermen and Congress have highlighted the need for reconsideration of this provision. Read more here  13:44

High Prices, Low Production; Gulf Oysters at Zero Population

GSI-LogoFrom Texas to Florida, the number of oysters harvested in the Gulf is at one of the lowest on record. Three years after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, oyster industry experts have no answers on the cause of the steep decline; especially on public grounds relied upon by commercial fishermen. gulfseafoodnews Read more here 12:51

Fish and Game Getting Ready for the Sockeye Fishery in Bristol Bay

The 2014 sockeye fishery in Bristol Bay is still a couple of months away but preparations for the fishery are already underway. KDLG’s Mike Mason reports about how the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is getting ready for the season. Listen at kdlg  12:07

Watchdog groups fear seismic testing ‘assault’

MIDDLETOWN — Dozens of area advocacy groups and officials are seeking to delay a seismic testing program they say could have drastic impacts along the Jersey Shore. “Every day, 24/7, for 30 days in a very concentrated area off the Jersey Shore. … It’s pretty clear there is going to be harm.”  Read more here  11:38

New England Fishery Management Council Meeting April 22-24, 2014 Mystic, CT

nefmc logoAgenda information is here,  LISTEN LIVE!!!! ( so they claim!,  Webinar registration is here.  07:22

2 cited for 2 cited for trawling in closed season

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Two Louisiana men have been cited for allegedly trawling for shrimp during a closed season in Terrebonne Parish. Read more here   07:08

Ecosystem-based management is focus of May 22 fisheries forum in Groton

The future of sustainable fisheries in New England and U.S. waters will be the topic from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. May 22 at a public forum at the Branford House on the University of Connecticut’s Avery Point campus. theday  Read more here 20:30

The Coast Guard rescued two men from a grounded F/V Mirage near Sitka Monday

grounded mirageNo injuries to the crew or damage to the vessel were reported. The vessel is reported to have approximately 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel aboard. The crew of the Mirage will attempt to refloat the vessel on the morning high tide Tuesday. The Coast Guard will continue to monitor the situation and is investigating the cause of the grounding. uscgnews  Read more here  17:48

Is your seafood legit, or are you helping fisheries to flounder? – A Bogus Report?

“We do not agree with the statistics that are being highlighted in the report,” said an official with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, blaming insufficient data for skewing the numbers. oregonlive  Read more here  17:03

North Carolina’s DMF curtailment of Red Drum season illustrates the absurdity of its fisheries management nonsense

The absurdity, and the warped politics, of North Carolina’s fisheries management scam was amply illustrated one again last week. Here’s how the Jacksonville Daily News reported it:  Read more here  16:19

Chairman of the Board for Ocean Beauty Seafood’s Talks Sockeye in Dillingham By Mike Mason

This year’s sockeye fishery in Bristol Bay was a major topic of discussion Saturday during the first “Business of Fish” workshop of the season. kdlg Listen, and Read more here  15:20

Experts expect large herring run in Togiak

The largest herring fishery in Alaska waters is a few short weeks from getting underway. Two looming questions are whether the season will start earlier than predicted and what value the Togiak herring will fetch in the market. bristolbaytimes Read more here  15:00

Compensation battle rages four years after BP’s oil spill

bp projectsafeFour years after the Deepwater Horizon spill, oil is still washing up on the long sandy beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana, and some islanders are fed up with hearing from BP that the crisis is over. Jules Melancon, the last remaining oyster fisherman on an island,,, Read more here 11:22

Cape Wind’s unlucky 13 years

But Cape Wind’s impacts extend far beyond the environment. The controversial project would also jeopardize public safety, put fishermen’s livelihoods at risk and desecrate sacred tribal lands. capecodonline  Read more here  11:11

Another Life: Seals thrive where tangle nets offer easy and meaty takeaways

Counting the netted, bitten fish along with those snatched from the meshes, an expert estimate of annual cost reaches up to more than €1 million – almost equal to the catch’s actual value at the quayside.  Read more here 11:01

Former NOAA Director Back at Oregon State University

10172769-large“I’m immensely proud of what we were able to accomplish during the four years I was at NOAA. I return to OSU with new insights, contacts and energy to help strengthen our ability to be positioned for the challenges that lie ahead.” Read more here  10:39


Just Now!! A tight fit.

Gloucester – A tight fit. The lobster boat Dominatrix drives between the stern of the herring trawler Western Venture and the Coast Guard station’s large vessel pier. Captain Dean on Dominatrix loaded bait and drove away from the dock with no stern man on board. Hauling lobster gear alone is dangerous but happens often in the lobster industry when crew comes up short. 08:19

An Evolutionary Family Drama

0421OPEDnyquist-master675Alewives are anadromous fish: Born in freshwater, they spend their lives in the ocean, returning annually to their birthplaces to spawn. Until colonial-era dams cut off their migration,,, Read more here NYT 08:05

Magnuson not a weapon to use against fishing communities! Nils Stolpe/April 2014

I wrote the column below over six years ago. Since then we have gone through two demonstrations in Washington, DC that were enthusiastically supported by recreational, party/charter and commercial fishermen. Thousands of fishermen finally realized that,,, Read more here  17:51

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance Weekly Update April 20, 2014

rifa2“The Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.” Read the Update here

Big Luke

Fairhaven fisherman dies after apparent fall

sct logoNEW BEDFORD — The body of a Fairhaven fisherman was pulled up by divers Friday night, found 28 feet beneath the boat he was scheduled to sail with that morning. Joshua Greaves, 30, was last seen around 1:30 a.m. Friday at a “downtown drinking establishment,” Lt. John Chaves said. “It looked like he slipped getting into the boat and then went into the water,” he said. Read more here 07:03

Bloated Bureaucracy Creating Conflict by Executive Order – NOP Riverhead “Listening Session”

baby fishermanNotice of the Riverhead listening sessions was sent to stakeholders by email and via a listserv, Michael Snyder of the N.Y. Department of State, said after the meeting. Notice was not given to the news media for public dissemination, he acknowledged. A host of nongovernmental organizations were represented in the audience, including: The Natural Resources Defense Council, the Peconic Estuary Program, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, The Nature Conservancy, Sea Grant, Concerned Citizens of Montauk, the Surfrider Foundation and the N.Y. Aquarium.  Read more here  17:44

Clogged Oregon Inlet keeps charter boats docked

HATTERAS ISLAND, N.C. — Boat owners are concerned that the start of charter fishing season may leave them high and dry because the Oregon Inlet is clogged with sand.  Read more here  17:13

BP Spill Fines Pay for Inland Cleanup

NA-CA857_GULF_2_G_20140418190805Four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, some states have started using fines paid by  BP and its partners to clean up inland water pollution. Read more here 16:39

Whitefish population healthy in Green Bay, Lake Michigan

Winter weather and state regulations, not a dropping whitefish population, led to some shortages of the popular species this spring.  “It’s not a stock problem,” said Wisconsin Commercial Fisheries Association president Charlie Henriksen of Sister Bay, a commercial fishermen who sets nets in both Green Bay and Lake Michigan. “It’s a Mother Nature problem.” Read more here 15:54

Red drum season closed for summer after commercial harvest exceeds annual quota – CCA-NC Very Concerned!

Commercial fishermen will go nearly a year without a red drum season following an unusually large harvest in the fall that has prompted a closure. The Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina “obviously very concerned about the significant amount that the commercial red drum quota was exceeded,” said CCA-NC Chairman Greg Hurt. Read more here 11:36

Alaskan claimed ‘unbearable’ physical disability, went fishing

A 56-year-old Alaskan who claimed disability over the course of five years allegedly went dip netting and fishing nonetheless. Now Amancio Zamora Agcaoili Jr. has been indicted for fraud and stealing money from the government. Read more here 08:38

Former fisherman Paul Ciaramitaro pays homage to disappearing industry – Of wooden boats and iron men

gdt iconPaul Ciaramitaro grew up working on the Gloucester waterfront, in a family where money was hard to come by. His hard-knock life has been marked at various periods by the back-breaking work of both fishing and working on the wharves, by addiction — not uncommon among waterfront workers and fish hands — and the constant struggle to earn enough money to stay afloat. But Ciaramitaro’s lifelong penchant for drawing never waned, and as an adult, he has transformed his childhood passion into a career as an artist. Read more here, watch three video’s 08:01

Enforcement Grade Fisherman Surveilance System

Fisherynation Introduces – The “Gold Standard” in Monitoring System’s, The Nature Con 2014 with GoPEW Villian 3 Video

Here at Nature’s Conservancy we are very excited about the Nature Con 2014 with GoPEW Villian 3 Video, the latest innovation in environmental defense and monitoring. Surveillance of environmentally dangerous activities like fishing, wood cutting, and cattle ranching occur in environmentally sensitive habitat areas every day. Many of the people involved in these activities are little better than common outlaws. We must have continuous monitoring of these individuals to bring the guilty to justice, and prevent criminal activity by creating an understanding  that no environmental crime will go unseen and unpunished. System Equipment here 17:42

Senate draft of fisheries act begins circulating – Molly Dischner

23523_354387901211_7651997_aThe newest version of the Magnuson-Stevens Act out for discussion adds subsistence users and Tribal governments to the fisheries management law and has the potential to create new Community Development Quota in the Arctic, but it has not yet been made widely available to the public for review. Read more here    Senate Draft here 15:50

Former Passamaquoddy representative charged with poaching elvers in New York

BDNA high-profile member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe is one of eight people who have been charged with felony elver poaching in New York, according to an official with that state’s Department of Environmental Conservation. Read more here 15:17

PEI Snow crab season delayed by ice in Gulf – expected to start on May 1

CBC_News_logoSnow crab fishermen on P.E.I. are anxious to get out on the water since ice conditions have delayed the season. cbcnews  Read more here 14:28

How BP turned a whole community into an endangered species

oysters_louisiana-by-shawn-escoffery-cropThe reason: the BP oil spill disaster of 2010, which dumped over 205 million gallons of oil and another 2 million gallons of possibly toxic dispersants into the Gulf, devastating the area that’s responsible for 40 percent of the seafood sold commercially across the U.S.  Read more here 10:57

Dolphin Expert Stephen McCulloch Fired By FAU, Seeks Reinstatement

Stephen McCulloch wants his job back. A prominent master of the arcane art of dolphin rescue, for more than a decade he was a leader and key force at the Marine Mammal Program at FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI). Last February 14 he was fired.  Read more here  10:41

PEI fall lobster fishermen remain opposed to further carapace increases

The PCFA strongly resisted a push last year from the Maritime Fishermen’s Union to have the minimum carapace measure increased to 77 mm by 2015. There was a one mm increase in minimum carapace size last year, moving it to 72 mm, and that is where the P.E.I. fishermen insisted it should remain. Read more here  10:27

Japan aims to resume whaling in Antarctic – A Sustainable Natural Resource

Japan’s eventual goal is to resume commercial whaling. What Tokyo calls “research whaling” is aimed at collecting scientific data to prove that catching whales commercially would not dent sustainable use of the whale stocks. The government also decided to continue its whaling in the Pacific Ocean this fiscal year, with whalers set to depart later this month. abs-cbnnews Read more here 10:07

Two Massachusetts men arrested in Portland for illegal elver possession

BDNJoshua P. Medeiros, 30, of South Dartmouth, Mass., and Andrew P. Cournoyer, 43, of West Wareham, Mass., both were charged with possession of elvers without a license, a Class D crime punishable by,,, Read more here  07:38

Massachusetts Department of Public Health aims to shut down Joe’s Lobster Mart

In the wake of last month’s guilty plea by Joseph Vaudo to selling stolen oysters in his fish market, the state Department of Public Health now seeks to revoke his license to sell and distribute seafood, a spokesman for the agency said Thursday. Read more here  07:18

“Ask Any Mermaid You Happen to See…” Whats her name? Catalina the Mermaid from Chicken of the Sea!

Chicken of the Sea Picks Name for Its Mermaid after 60 Years of Anonymity . Today, though, she finally swims home with her own name. After seafood fans submitted more than 49,000 entries in a nationwide contest to christen the brand’s beloved icon — and earn a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize — one perfect name floated to the top: Catalina. Read more here  06:55

“Hot doggin’ lobsterman.” Small boat capsizes off Cape Elizabeth

CAPE ELIZABETH (WGME) — A small lobster boat capsized off the coast of Cape Elizabeth early Thursday afternoon. The boat broke into pieces, but at the last second, the lone lobsterman on board jumped out, right before it flipped over. Read more here wgme 21:05

Fishermen say impacts still linger from BP oil spill – video

gulf“We believe this disaster has greatly impacted the ability of fisheries to spawn. And that’s why they’re not seeing the fisheries they used to. They’re not catching what they used to. We believe that the spawning ability has been greatly impacted,” said Thao Vo, an advocate for fishing families. Read more here wlox 20:02