American oldest seaport, Gloucester needs new fishermen to keep Gloucester fishing into future !

There is a problem facing most of our fishing communities today in the U.S. Fish stocks are coming back, and most of our fishermen are gone. Our fishing communities need to get young people into the fishing industry. Here’s an example: NOTICE America’s oldest seaport needs new fishermen to keep the City of Gloucester fishing into the future! Whiting fishing begins July 15, 2018, and at age of 75, Sam Novello might have to go back whiting fishing again because lack of fishermen in today’s commercial fishing industry.

F/V Capt. Sam Novello is looking for a person to go whiting fishing in Ipswich Bay this season. Must be at least 16, be able to lift 60 lb. baskets of fish, be Drug Free. Must be able to follow instructions, and you must be on time. We will teach, and pay you to become a competent and safe fisherman. Pay will be based on your work. The schedule will be five days per week, weather permitting, usually between 0200, (2 am), most of the work is sorting different types of fish. Be warned, sea sickness may be an issue for you. If you’re interested, email me. Lets talk.

Captain Sam Novello

[email protected]