Stevenson: It’s time for public comments on offshore wind

Planned offshore wind projects are three to five times as expensive as alternative options to reduce emissions, such as onshore wind, solar, carbon capture and advanced nuclear power. Offshore wind is an environmental wrecking ball. These projects will probably edge the critically endangered North American right whale to extinction. No studies have been conducted on the impacts on horseshoe crabs, despite projects being built atop the horseshoe crab preserve and in the flyway for the endangered red knot bird that depends on horseshoe crab eggs to survive its 9,000-mile migration. Commercial fishing will abandon lease areas totaling an area on the East Coast equal to twice the size of New Jersey, if all planned projects are built. Vessel collisions will increase, while Coast Guard search-and-rescue operations will be hampered, possibly leading to human deaths. >>click to read<< 06:22

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