Governor Charlie Baker nominates locals for New England Fishery Management Council

The New England Fishery Management Council will lose four of its longest-serving members this summer because of term limits and two of the vacant seats could be filled by candidates from Cape Ann. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has nominated Jackie Odell,,, Baker listed recreational fishing stakeholder Mike Pierdinock as his preferred candidate,,, On their way out Quinn, Balzano, Terry Alexander, of Maine, and Matthew McKenzie, of Connecticut, will be leaving the council when their terms expire on Aug. 10. >click to read< 08:23

4 Responses to Governor Charlie Baker nominates locals for New England Fishery Management Council

  1. Rocky Novello says:

    NEFMC needs more coastal fishermen on their management team for better decisions ! Today’s management counsels consist mostly good people with great school educations with all types of college degrees BUT LACK true ocean knowledge as our veterans coastal fishermen posses from fishing their waters for most their lives .There are some good fishermen on management team but always out voted by others ? The main problem with NEFMC is the outdated science used today for their critical decision !! Most all fishermen know the science being used today is out-date & NEFMC must know it also ,but they use this poor science again & again ! WHY

    • Joel H says:

      Why you ask? I’m certain that it’s a means to an end. Just look at the past 30 years of mismanagement and try to come up with a reasonable answer to why. The only answer that remotely makes sense is that the people that truly run this shit show want the ocean for reasons other than American jobs and food production. And they are winning the battle.
      Our politicians have sold us out to the highest bidder. As the industry gets consolidated into fewer and fewer hands it means there are less to fight. Our nation has lost its soul.PROVE ME WRONG!


    You can thank the Obama Ocean policy for the theft of “OUR OCEAN COMMON PROPERTY” and future “RAPE OF IT’S ECO-SYSTEMS!!!” He even got a front row seat on M.V.!!! BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY WHOM???

    • Joel H says:

      Agenda 21 is still a threat. Especially with the administration we have today. The ever present threat of the socialist agenda that many in the Democratic Party now embrace must be stopped. We must remain vigilant.
      Ronald Regan once famously said when he switched from the Democratic Party to the Republicans, “I did not leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me”. It’s beyond belief that no one involved with that party has the courage to utter the same words.

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