Undersea cable project would ease need for lines – Officials with both companies said they sympathize with the situation of lobstermen.

gdt iconRepresentatives from Tetra Tech, a  technical engineering firm, and New Hampshire Transmission, the developer exploring the installation of a 55-mile long underwater cable, are poised to meet with lobstermen and fixed-gear fishermen tonight to discuss the plans and impact of a Sonar survey around Cape Ann.  continued#gloucesterdailytimes

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    “Local officials with the Gloucester Fisheries Commission as well as the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association have previously expressed their frustration with the sonar plans; as this is the ideal time to be out setting traps and collecting lobsters.”

    Why is it, that this is only the second article about this activity, anywhere, as once again, the Gloucester Daily Times takes the lead, and is the first news source to publicize any information regarding this seemingly sneaky project?
    I mean, all of a sudden the survey vessel shows up out of no where, and fixed gear must be moved?
    It would appear that if this were planned ahead of time, fixed hear fishermen would already know this activity was tentative, saving them time and fuel to all of a sudden, “Make Way” for the until now, undisclosed activity of a potential player in the offshore wind, and transmission industry?
    Somethin’ ain’t passin’ the smell test.