I’m no Greenpeace fan, but, enough is enough. This is disgusting.

lafayetteMonster fishing ship in Pacific, east of Australia – The world’s largest fishing vessel, the factory freezer ship Lafayette, has turned up in the Pacific Ocean east of Australia. Satellite-tracking systems registered the location of the controversial 49,000 tonne Lafayette and six attendant trawlers north-east of Norfolk Island on Friday, Greenpeace said. The Russian-flagged, Chinese-owned vessel is five times the size of the Dutch factory trawler Margiris, which was banned from Australian waters in 2012. Read [email protected] 14:20

3 Responses to I’m no Greenpeace fan, but, enough is enough. This is disgusting.

  1. jj says:

    The Chinese catch a lot more fish than the US. They don’t get much flack from US environmentalists thought. Probably because they think global but only act local.

  2. Priss Pot says:

    No, it would be politically incorrect and God forbid and one do that!!! They would rather bully the American fisherman out of business! It pisses me off!!!!!!

  3. Leo Lukin says:

    I hope that they are not in australian waters but if they are then I would extend the same welcome the chineese would give you for fishing in there waters
    A warm vellcome from the navy using fire power just like they would to you

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