Line item needed to restore crab – Lu Dochtermann, FV North Point, Kodiak

I got many endorsements of my recent letter (Hiring choice questioned) on Kodiak’s besotted advisor selection and the demise of the King Crab Capital of the World. Emails rolled in and the phone rang constantly. The letter made a national website for, as one commenter noted, “sleeping with the enemy.” The Board of Fisheries recently approved my proposal to wisely shut down hard on bottom trawling in all state waters around Kodiak. Read more here , both pieces. 18:00

  • Alaska Gal

    Always appreciate your strong convictions and willingness to stand up for what is right. Such a shame that so many others (T.H) have just rolled over….

  • jj

    Lu…..I will never forget the “No Rats, Rat” from the cod testimony at council…. I tell that story here on the East Coast from time to time. Thank you for your activism on behalf of fishermen, your voice and ideas travel further than you’d guess. I look forward to the next installment.
    Ps. Crab fishing in Russia, I learned about their crab seeding program off of Murmansk. It was so successful that Norway now has a King crab fishery too. Kodiak crab can be easily restored to it’s former level.