Its Crazy! I’m getting Talking Fish Eco Shyster Peter Shelley Comments! Acknowledge Your Posts, Dude.

duncey peteSeems as though CLF Eco Shyster Peter Shelley is selective about what comments he puts up at his Talking Fish blog. He’s a real Cherry Picker! Anyway, the stuff is coming here. It may be a bad connection, but Hell. I’ll post it! Read it here, cause ya can’t read it there! A Real Inconvenient Truth. 19:41

6 Responses to Its Crazy! I’m getting Talking Fish Eco Shyster Peter Shelley Comments! Acknowledge Your Posts, Dude.

  1. - Moderator says:

    I guess the guy is not posting everyone’s comments!
    He’s got a lot of nerve talking about wasting tax payer money, because next to the Center for Biological Diversity, CLF must be running a close second.

  2. Remember, the 1954 Saltonstall-Kemnedy Act called for steering 30 percent of the federal government’s imported seafood tariff revenues into a fund for marketing and improving America’s fisheries — and that percentage would have amounted to more than $124 million, the vast majority of still being funneled into NOAA’s operating budget, as it has been now for decades.
    Why is CLF not exposing this FACT? I guess it would not fit your divide and conquer tactics. You demonize the industry, making us look like a bunch of welfare seeking leaches when nothing could be further from the truth.
    Your words: In fact, the government has offered US fishermen terms very similar to those Canadian haddock fishermen have: 100% industry-funded observers, special gear modifications, and special exemptions from the regulatory closed areas. Industry has rejected those terms, apparently believing that the US taxpayer should be footing the bill for all observers on their boats.
    These despicable lies you spew are getting old. Observer funding wouldn’t be an issue if NOAA wasn’t stealing from the Saltonstall Kennedy coffers. Get real
    What say you Mr. Shelly? Why won’t you post my comments? In the America I grew up in dissenting opinion was always a sign of a healthy democracy.
    I guess today under the new socialist policies we seem to be under this is no longer the case.
    It’s folks like your that are destroying this nation. GO TO HELL!!


    I can’t get use to calling you Peter you look more like a Dick. Wasting Taxpayers Money? How the Hell do you think you exist. If it wasn’t for the Tax-Shelter Non-Profit Grants you wouldn’t survive on your parasitic Law Suits and who’d be standing behind you. Yes this Sheltered Money that should be going to fund the Government. Not the manipulated Trusts that grow and provide greater free Money to the Founding Families after it jumps through the Government Loop-Hole.
    Did you know the vast majority of these donators OUTSOURCE their Manufacturing where the Pollution Laws are not as tough. So not only are they saving on manufacturing they are polluting other Countries. Can you smell a hypocrite?

  4. jj says:

    The tax deductable douchebaggery that created organizations like the CLF should be abolished completely. Anyone who wants to fund lobby groups like that should be taxed on that money just like everyone else. An observer program for Charitable organizations would expose a lot more wrong doing and activities that are bad for the environment and our country than any amount of observers placed on fishing vessels.

  5. Brian Loftes says:

    These people have waged war on us and our familys so now its time to turn the tide on them everything is at stake were is your line in the sand.

  6. william skrobacz says:

    why is it, mr shelly that the atlantic wolf fish is endangered and we(the fisherman)are prohibited from retaining these prized fish. but an observer onboard can put said fish in his sorting basket,wait till the string is hauled,then mesure,weigh the fish then throw it overboard DEAD!!! if we kept said fish ,we will be fined,but the morons that you and your house of fools think its alright? absurd indeed

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