The End of the U.S. Shrimping Industry – Execution by Electrocution? Public comments end 3/31/14

In 2010, WildEarth Guardians petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to list the lesser electric ray (also commonly called the Caribbean electric ray) under the ESA, but that petition was denied in a 90-day finding in March 2011. If the lesser electric ray is listed under the ESA, it could mean the end of shrimp fishing as we know it throughout the ray’s range, which includes all the Gulf states, as well as states along the east coast from Florida to North Carolina. Read more here thegoodcatchblog  23:17

  • jj

    It’s a good thing Lt. Dan invested in Apple because Bubba Gump Shrimp is screwed. The funny part is we’ll just get our shrimp from someplace in Asia where they don’t chemically poison all water running off of the land and they don’t give a rat’s ass (Unless it is deep fried) about whether a couple of fish species suffer from local depletion. The fact that no species of fish has been fished to extinction gives the Asian stance quite a bit of credibility.

  • The ichtyosaurs (fish-like dinosaurs) and the fishes of their time became extinct, not because of fishing or predation, but due to environmental changes, perhaps of poisoning by global volcanic activity… Nowadays, we’ve got some environmental changes and a lot of man-made fish habitat destruction and poisoning water pollution… MB-Y